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Podnapisi :: Star Trek DS9 S5 E01-09

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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e01.apocalypse.rising.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{60}{126}Last time on|Star Trek: Deep Space Nine...
{202}{249}What's wrong?
{250}{305}I... I don't know.
{522}{569}I think you did this to me.
{570}{633}You killed a changeling, Odo.
{634}{713}That's why we forced you|to return home...
{714}{797}to enter the Great Link|and be judged.
{1028}{1065}What have you done to him?
{1066}{1105}We made him a solid.
{1106}{1151}He's one of you now.
{1179}{1217}I'm reading a heart...
{1254}{1299}and a digestive system.
{1300}{1354}It's as if he were... human.
{1355}{1402}...will be considered|the enemy and fired upon.
{1427}{1460}it's him.
{1461}{1502}Gowron?|What about him?
{1503}{1542}During the Link
{1543}{1591}I sensed|that the other changelings
{1592}{1641}were trying|to hide things from me...
{1642}{1731}faces, names...
{1732}{1800}one of them was him.
{1801}{1841}What are you saying?
{1842}{1941}I'm saying|that he's one of them.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e02.the.ship.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{50}{148}Captain's Log, Stardate 50049.3.
{149}{215}We're conducting a mineral|survey of Torga IV
{217}{271}an uninhabited planet|in the Gamma Quadrant
{272}{342}believed to contain|vast deposits of cormaline.
{343}{415}Our mission is to determine|the feasibility of establishing
{416}{488}a mining operation|on the planet's surface.
{512}{548}Hey, Muniz.
{610}{648}What do you think of this?
{693}{776}It's a class-5|pyroclastic debris and ash.
{777}{830}Same morphology we've seen|all the way up, sir.
{831}{877}How many times do|I have to tell you
{878}{911}to stop calling me "sir"?
{912}{940}I'm not an officer.
{941}{983}Well, you know more|than they do.
{984}{1011}Well, I wouldn't go that far.
{1012}{1039}But I do know more than you
{1040}{1083}so listen to me while I try|and teach you something.
{1084}{1151}This morphology is|not exactly the same.
{1154}{1204}These deposits are|more highly eroded.
{1259}{1366}So... they're|different, that's all.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e03.looking.for.par.mach.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{472}{518}Oh, hello, Quark.
{544}{583}Let me guess...
{584}{647}eavesdropping|on the battling O'Briens.
{648}{686}Don't be ridiculous.
{687}{743}Such language.
{744}{808}Oh, I hope Molly's not around.
{809}{871}You can hear what they're|saying in there?
{872}{911}How could I not?
{912}{946}Well, what are they saying?
{947}{1047}Let's use a little discretion,|shall we?
{1120}{1169}He's done something.
{1170}{1211}She's outraged.
{1212}{1259}He thinks she's overreacting.
{1260}{1315}She thinks he's trying|to run her life.
{1316}{1364}Pretty boring, actually...
{1404}{1439}but to hear them
{1440}{1498}you'd think it was a matter|of life and death.
{1498}{1544}Hello, Julian.
{1654}{1709}Mrs. O'Brien.
{1710}{1781}I thought you said the O'Briens|were arguing in there.
{1782}{1825}Not Miles and Keiko...
{1826}{1905}the other O'Briens,|Miles and Kira.
{1906}{1954}What do they have|to argue about?

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/

{142}{191}I knew that my paper|was controversial
{192}{238}but I had no idea|that it would turn
{239}{283}the entire conference|upside-down.
{284}{358}Believe me, Jake, panel|discussions between doctors
{359}{407}are usually a lot|more civilized than that.
{410}{431}I don't know.
{434}{463}They seemed polite enough to me.
{464}{496}Oh, that was just a veneer.
{497}{570}That paper stepped on quite|a few toes, I can tell you.
{571}{640}It's heresy|to even consider the possibility
{641}{695}that a prion replication|could be inhibited
{697}{736}by quantum resonance effects.
{737}{783}Aren't you going|to take any notes?
{808}{834}Oh, good idea.
{835}{872}According|to the so-called experts
{873}{919}it's all a matter|of amino acid re-sequencing
{920}{949}and disulfide shuffling.
{950}{1006}Quantum dynamics|has nothing to do with it.
{1006}{1042}But how can that be?
{1043}{1117}I have absolutely no idea|what he's talking about.
{1118}{1143}...on a quantum level.
{1144}{1194}Ah, get

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e05.the.assignment.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{72}{95}You know, Morn
{96}{127}there's nothing|more invigorating
{128}{155}than breakfast in a bar.
{156}{212}Where else can you|get raw slug liver
{213}{245}first thing in the morning?
{246}{321}Mmm, mmm.
{516}{545}What's this?
{546}{585}What do you mean, "what's this?"
{586}{623}It's puree of beetle.
{624}{662}I didn't order it.
{663}{698}Of course you didn't order it.
{698}{728}You don't need to order it.
{729}{793}You have it after work|every morning.
{794}{883}Well, I'm not having it|this morning.
{884}{931}I'd like...
{976}{1017}two eggs over easy,|three strips of bacon
{1018}{1050}and a side of corned beef hash.
{1074}{1118}What kind of breakfast is that?
{1119}{1186}It's Chief O'Brien's|breakfast of choice.
{1239}{1312}That's the problem|with working alongside hu-mans...
{1313}{1377}you pick up|their disgusting habits.
{1403}{1470}corned beef hash.
{1471}{1523}What's next, Rom?
{1524}{1581}Orange juice and coffee?
{1582}{1611}That might be n

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e06.trials.and.tribble-ations.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{484}{520}Welcome to Deep Space 9.
{521}{544}I'm Major Kira.
{545}{574}I'm Dulmer.
{575}{629}Lucsly. Department|of Temporal Investigations.
{630}{663}We've been expecting you.
{664}{695}I guess you boys
{697}{773}from Temporal Investigations|are always on time.
{821}{864}Where's Captain Sisko?
{1026}{1088}Are you sure|you don't want anything?
{1089}{1125}Just the truth, Captain.
{1228}{1256}You'll get it.
{1257}{1288}Where do you want to start?
{1289}{1314}The beginning.
{1315}{1371}If there is such a thing.
{1372}{1457}Captain, why'd you take|the Defiant back in time?
{1458}{1483}It was an accident.
{1484}{1521}So you're not contending
{1522}{1565}it was|a predestination paradox?
{1566}{1639}A time loop... that you were|meant to go back into the past.
{1663}{1707}Uh, no.
{1732}{1756}We hate those.
{1757}{1826}So... what happened?
{1866}{1904}This may take some time.
{1905}{1950}Is that a joke?
{1995}{2033}We hate tho

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/

{480}{547}So, what do you think|of the O'Briens' plan
{548}{597}to name their baby Sean?
{598}{651}Well, I kind of like it.
{652}{725}Sean... has a nice ring to it.
{726}{793}Except that in Bajoran|sean means "swamp."
{794}{835}Do the O'Briens know that?
{836}{872}I doubt it.
{873}{910}Someone should tell them.
{911}{953}I nominate you.
{1109}{1143}Neck bothering you again?
{1144}{1231}It's... it's just a muscle pull.
{1232}{1263}What is that?
{1264}{1334}The eighth muscle pull|this month?
{1334}{1415}Actually, I believe|Commander Dax has been treated
{1416}{1470}for seven muscle pulls
{1471}{1525}two contusions|and three cracked ribs.
{1526}{1586}The only person who's spent|more time in the Infirmary
{1586}{1671}over the past few weeks|is... Commander Worf.
{1672}{1756}Isn't there any way the...|the two of you could, uh...
{1757}{1797}uh, you know...
{1800}{1831}Make love?
{1832}{1879}Without injuring yourselves?
{1880}{1957}Interspecies romance|isn't

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e08.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{145}{194}If I'd known|what I was walking into
{195}{232}I never would have gone.
{233}{283}It was your idea|to attend the conference
{284}{318}in the first place, Garak.
{318}{378}I thought the Bajorans|would be grateful
{378}{415}to hear someone provide them
{416}{463}with an opposing|philosophical view.
{464}{503}Opposing view?
{504}{538}Garak, you were trying
{539}{607}to defend the military|occupation of their world.
{608}{666}How grateful did you think|they would be?
{666}{714}My understanding|of this conference was
{714}{787}that it was supposed to be|an examination of the occupation
{788}{847}from a dispassionate,|historical perspective.
{848}{900}Instead, everyone went|out of their way
{901}{968}to dismiss virtually everything|I had to say.
{969}{1029}I thought the Bajorans|bent over backwards
{1030}{1070}to be polite to you, Garak.
{1071}{1118}Giving me a name tag that read
{1119}{1179}"Elim Garak...|Former Cardassian Oppressor"
{1180}{1216}was hardly polite.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e09.the.ascent.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{54}{95}Don't you think you|might be overpacking?
{96}{127}It'll close.
{128}{163}You don't have to take|everything at once.
{164}{197}It's not like you're|moving to Bajor.
{198}{249}1-G-12 is practically|right next door.
{250}{307}I know, but I'm not moving|to 1-G-12.
{340}{387}I found some great quarters|over in Section M.
{388}{414}That's all the way
{415}{450}on the other side|of the Habitat Ring.
{450}{496}Dad, don't get all|sentimental on me.
{497}{542}Wait till your son|moves out on you.
{543}{590}I don't have a son.
{658}{707}Go ahead, Jake.|Make jokes.
{708}{755}One day, you'll be|standing where I am
{756}{797}and believe me,|you won't like it
{798}{828}any more than I do.
{829}{889}Yeah, maybe, but right now,|I'm standing here
{890}{939}and I can't wait|to spend my first night
{940}{963}in my own place.
{964}{1024}See?|I told you it'd close.
{1047}{1079}Now, wait, wait.
{1080}{1103}Let me get this straight.

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