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Podnapisi :: Star Trek DS9 S5 E10-17

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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e10.rapture.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{72}{95}That's it?
{96}{134}That's it.
{135}{165}"The City of B'hala"
{166}{215}painted nearly 20,000 years ago.
{297}{325}You're looking
{326}{385}at the most important|Bajoran icon ever painted...
{386}{464}the only known proof|that B'hala ever existed...
{465}{543}and all you have to say|is "hmm"?
{590}{646}It's just that you both|gave it such a buildup
{647}{749}I thought it would be|a lot... bigger.
{750}{811}We've been trying to force|the Cardassian government
{812}{875}to return this to us|since the end of the occupation.
{876}{935}It's good to have it back.
{936}{966}I thought you said|it was going
{967}{1011}to be returned|to the State Museum in Ilvia.
{1012}{1071}It will be... tomorrow
{1072}{1174}but I couldn't let it pass|without stealing a look.
{1175}{1267}Sometimes, being the Emissary|isn't such a bad thing.
{1268}{1302}You see this?
{1303}{1367}It's a bantaca spire.
{1368}{1439}Ancient Bajoran cities|were built

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e11.the.darkness.and.the.light.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{208}{255}I am Vedek Latha Mabrin
{256}{327}and I welcome you|to the Calash Retreat.
{328}{383}Today, we begin prayer|and meditation
{385}{449}as preparation|for our Days of Atonement.
{450}{538}May the Prophets walk with us|as we begin our journey.
{1973}{2033}Have you been taking|your makara herbs?
{2106}{2144}Kira, you have to take them.
{2145}{2187}Your progesterone levels|are way too low.
{2188}{2213}But if I take the herbs
{2214}{2259}then the sedatives|you gave me don't work.
{2260}{2301}The herbs do act|as a counteragent.
{2304}{2330}But I thought you said
{2331}{2365}you weren't having|any trouble sleeping
{2366}{2401}and that you didn't|need any sedatives.
{2402}{2425}I don't.
{2426}{2454}But, Julian, those herbs taste
{2455}{2502}like something that crawled|out of Quark's ear.
{2502}{2517}Just take them.
{2519}{2547}All right.
{2548}{2608}Major, may I have|a word with you?
{2609}{2661}We're finished here.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e12.the.begotten.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{255}{315}Good morning, Constable.
{316}{383}And what can I do for you...|today?
{385}{425}It's my back.
{426}{473}Let's take a look.
{504}{581}It happened this morning|when I got out of bed.
{638}{708}I have Alvanian|spine mites, don't I?
{741}{796}I'll be in pain|for the rest of my life.
{843}{894}you have a pinched nerve.
{950}{983}It comes from bad posture.
{984}{1010}Me? Ridiculous.
{1011}{1074}You've never seen|anyone sit so straight.
{1102}{1146}You carry yourself too rigidly.
{1147}{1225}This is how|I've always carried myself.
{1226}{1295}You haven't always|had a spinal column.
{1296}{1350}You're not a changeling anymore.
{1351}{1432}Now that you're a humanoid,|you have to learn to relax.
{1433}{1478}Well, that's what|you said last week.
{1504}{1551}And it helped.
{1552}{1601}That and the prune juice.
{1602}{1650}There. You see?

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e13.for.the.uniform.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{72}{164}Captain's Log, Stardate 50485.2.
{165}{244}I've come to Marva IV,|a planet near the Badlands
{245}{278}to rendezvous with an informer
{278}{333}who claims to have information|on the whereabouts
{334}{402}of the Maquis leader|and former Starfleet officer
{403}{450}Michael Eddington.
{815}{866}Looking for a friend of mine.
{955}{998}His name is Cing'ta.
{1814}{1856}Throw it on the ground.
{2094}{2135}Turn around.
{2291}{2322}Hello, Captain.
{2359}{2428}Mr. Cing'ta|won't be joining us.
{2429}{2512}His shuttle had an accident|on the way to this rendezvous.
{2513}{2546}Is he dead?
{2546}{2613}You just don't understand|the Maquis, do you, Captain?
{2615}{2664}We're not killers.
{2665}{2724}Mr. Cing'ta's accident|has marooned him
{2725}{2795}on a particularly nasty planet|in the Badlands
{2796}{2864}but I assure you|he's very much alive.
{2865}{2900}How merciful.
{2901}{2962}You condemned him|to a slow death.
{2963}{2996}It's m

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/

{352}{399}Where do you want me|to put this?
{400}{449}Anywhere you can find room.
{516}{573}I bet you can't wait|to put all this together
{574}{633}so you can start shape-shifting|around the room again.
{634}{667}Oh, I suppose.
{668}{725}Though I did enjoy|sleeping in a bed.
{726}{752}Well, there's nothing
{753}{793}to stop you from sleeping|in a bed if you want to.
{794}{836}Except that now when I'm asleep
{837}{886}I tend to revert|to my gelatinous state
{887}{941}and slide onto the floor.
{942}{993}No, the bed goes.
{994}{1029}I'm a changeling, not a solid.
{1030}{1072}There's no use|pretending otherwise.
{1073}{1117}I guess we can put|all this in storage.
{1118}{1167}What about these padds?
{1194}{1223}Finding and Winning|Your Perfect Mate
{1226}{1261}by Doctor Jennings Rain.
{1262}{1290}I'll take that.
{1291}{1332}I thought I was going
{1333}{1390}to be a humanoid|for the rest of my life.
{1437}{1515}There were certain things...
{1516}{1558}You don't

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/

{57}{107}Last time on|Star Trek: Deep Space Nine...
{108}{167}One of our listening posts|in the Gamma Quadrant
{168}{203}picked this up|a few minutes ago.
{204}{250}It looks like|a Cardassian military code
{251}{295}but the computer|doesn't recognize it.
{296}{331}It was a call for help...
{332}{361}from Enabran Tain.
{388}{419}We must warn the station.
{420}{467}There is only one reason|for the Dominion
{468}{514}to hide such a large fleet|this close to the wormhole.
{515}{562}You think they're planning|to attack the Alpha Quadrant?
{563}{623}There's no way|we can beat the Dominion.
{624}{674}Our only hope is|to prevent their fleet
{675}{717}from entering|the Alpha Quadrant.
{718}{761}You're going to destroy|the wormhole?
{762}{805}You have to trust me.
{806}{876}Things are going to change|on Cardassia.
{877}{919}- What things?|- I don't have
{920}{943}time to explain.
{944}{975}You're leaving now.
{976}{999}I can't go.
{1000}{1024}It's him, isn't it?!
{1025}{1063}That des

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e16.dr.bashir.i.presume.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{48}{74}Okay, that's 12 spins
{75}{110}and not a single dabo so far.
{111}{134}The pot is growing
{135}{188}and someone's going|to be a big winner...
{400}{440}Today's the day, Brother.
{441}{478}I'm really going|to do it this time.
{479}{524}You've been saying|that for weeks.
{525}{559}I've been waiting|for the right moment
{560}{587}and this is it.
{612}{641}It's perfect.
{642}{693}She's about to go on a break,|and when she does
{694}{740}she'll come over here|and say "Hi" to me...
{741}{794}like she always does
{795}{875}and that's when I'll do it.
{876}{896}Okay, let's hear it.
{926}{977}I... uh...
{978}{1031}Leeta, would you like...
{1032}{1119}maybe... to... one night...
{1120}{1193}soon... to... maybe...?
{1222}{1258}You're a regular poet.
{1259}{1293}I can do better.
{1294}{1336}Prove it.
{1409}{1439}Hi, Rom.
{1441}{1511}Hello, Leeta.
{1993}{2050}I must be doing|something wrong.
{2050}{2082}I don't know, Leeta.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e17.a.simple.investigation.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{168}{218}Computer. Time.
{219}{273}1821 hours.
{560}{590}Can I help you?
{591}{619}I think so.
{620}{644}What are you doing?
{756}{782}Where is it?
{783}{811}Where is what?
{812}{862}I don't even know|what you're looking for.
{863}{893}Yes, you do.
{918}{946}It's not here.
{947}{981}That's not good.
{982}{1036}Is it possible we|have the wrong man?
{1037}{1077}It's starting to look that way.
{1078}{1124}This is very embarrassing.
{1182}{1213}Now, listen to me.
{1214}{1241}We know why you're here
{1242}{1270}we know who you came to meet
{1271}{1317}and we know what you|are going to give her.
{1318}{1380}So for the last time,|where is it?
{1381}{1424}All right...
{1425}{1462}I'll take you to it.
{1463}{1507}You see?|It was him all along.
{1650}{1710}I thought it was on stun.
{1758}{1820}Look what you did|to the carpet.
{1821}{1849}What do we do now?
{1850}{1898}We don't have time|to search the whole station.

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