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Podnapisi :: Star Trek DS9 S5 E18-26

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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/

{134}{174}I risk eight strips
{175}{260}with a purchase at six|and a sale of ten.
{261}{308}Quark, it's your move.
{309}{364}Um, just a moment.
{403}{466}Oh, I can't believe it.
{467}{503}You beg me|to play tongo with you
{505}{557}and then you don't|pay attention to the game.
{558}{596}I'll be right there.
{597}{638}Let me put it another way.
{639}{731}If you don't finish this hand,|I'm going to call it a night.
{732}{771}Okay, okay.
{772}{860}Who'd have dreamed|they'd strike feldomite
{861}{894}on Parsion III?
{895}{954}The Sepian Commodities|Exchange is in chaos...
{954}{997}everybody's selling,|prices falling.
{1022}{1076}Are you sure?
{1077}{1111}You heard me.|Evade!
{1212}{1271}You owe me 15 strips|of latinum.
{1360}{1409}Take it.
{1410}{1467}That's all I've got left.
{1618}{1732}My antimonium options,|my quadrotriticale futures...
{1733}{1806}my powdered newt supplements...
{1842}{1891}all wiped out.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e19.ties.of.blood.and.water.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{165}{203}Now, remember.
{204}{274}I want him treated|like a visiting head of state.
{275}{329}Full communications|and computer access
{330}{414}any assistance he may need|from the station's crew.
{415}{455}You should have told us|he was coming sooner.
{457}{518}I think we have a red carpet|in storage somewhere.
{550}{599}Dax, this is important.
{602}{651}Tekeny Ghemor led|the dissident movement
{652}{692}against Cardassia's|Central Command
{693}{750}and now that Dukat|and the Dominion have taken over
{751}{823}there is no one better qualified|to lead the opposition.
{824}{870}Besides, he's practically|your father.
{871}{909}Your father?
{910}{985}Ghemor is a Cardassian.
{1012}{1035}It's a long story.
{1036}{1079}The Cardassians|once kidnapped Kira.
{1080}{1111}And surgically altered her|to look
{1112}{1141}like Ghemor's missing daughter.
{1142}{1170}It was part of a plan
{1171}{1231}to expose him as the leader|of the dissident movement.
{1232}{1292}Cardassian politics|are ve

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/

{324}{374}Who's winning the war?
{375}{428}It's too early to tell.
{429}{465}It's been three days.
{466}{502}Don't remind me.
{551}{587}They found a nest.
{588}{614}Well, that's good.
{615}{652}It's not the main nest.
{653}{691}That's not so good.
{692}{743}I thought Chief O'Brien
{744}{821}trapped the last vole|on the station months ago.
{822}{863}Well, obviously,|he missed a couple...
{865}{920}a married couple.
{921}{949}They breed like tribbles.
{950}{1012}But they're not as cute.
{1013}{1066}They're disgusting|hairy little creatures
{1067}{1121}with ravenous appetites,|and I want them gone.
{1122}{1151}Oh, Quark.
{1152}{1184}I know, I know...
{1185}{1221}this is just|a temporary setback.
{1222}{1289}The bar will open again,|and I can get back to my life.
{1290}{1322}I'm glad you realize that.
{1323}{1370}The only trouble is,|I hate my life.
{1550}{1598}Come in.
{1626}{1662}Hello, Brother.
{1663}{1705}What do you want?
{1706}{1752}You have every right|to be depressed

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e21.soldiers.of.the.empire.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{48}{78}Another three centimeters|to the right
{79}{119}and you would have severed|your brachial artery.
{120}{146}Autosuture, please.
{147}{173}And if that had happened,
{174}{221}you would have bled to death|right there in the holosuite.
{248}{303}The human fascination|with "what might have been"
{304}{333}is tiresome, Doctor.
{334}{385}The artery is not severed|and I am not dead.
{386}{431}Oh, well, forgive me|for boring you.
{433}{463}Let me get straight|to the point.
{464}{493}You're acting like a fool.
{494}{550}Your observation is noted.
{551}{615}But spending two years|in a Dominion prison camp
{616}{653}has dulled my reflexes.
{654}{705}This only proves that|I need further training.
{706}{758}Turning off the holosuite|safety protocols
{759}{821}during a battle simulation|is, at best, dubious.
{822}{881}For a man with only one eye,|it's positively idiotic.
{882}{946}Now, if you would consider|ocular replacement...
{947}{1018}I do not want|an artificial eye!

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e22.children.of.time.repack.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{48}{137}Captain's Log, Stardate 50814.2.
{138}{194}The Defiant is returning|to Deep Space 9
{195}{250}after a week-Iong|reconnaissance mission
{251}{295}in the Gamma Quadrant.
{296}{373}I can't wait to get home|and sleep in my own bed.
{374}{442}The bunks on this ship|are so uncomfortable.
{443}{491}You know what I could use?
{492}{545}A weekend at the Golian spa.
{546}{638}Mmm... maybe you and Shakaar|can slip away when we get back.
{638}{698}We're not seeing|each other anymore.
{698}{736}When did this happen?
{737}{780}Last week.
{781}{848}No wonder you've been|so down lately.
{849}{899}I miss him.
{900}{941}But the last time|we were on Bajor
{942}{993}we went to the Kenda shrine|and we asked the Prophets
{994}{1046}if we were meant|to walk the same path.
{1075}{1111}We're not.
{1112}{1159}You make it sound|so cut-and-dry.
{1160}{1194}Well, the way I see it
{1194}{1253}people are either|meant to be together
{1254}{1278}or they're not.
{1279}{1311}I gues

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e23.blaze.of.glory.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{204}{293}Squid...|my favorite human food.
{294}{371}Mmm. Delicious, sir.
{372}{430}Mm-mmm.|Terrific as always, Dad.
{430}{476}I'm glad you like it.
{477}{570}Sir, if I may say so,|this sauce tastes very familiar.
{571}{598}Well, it should.
{599}{649}It's puree of tube grubs.
{674}{711}Tube grubs?
{712}{783}I figured if Nog is|willing to eat squid
{784}{852}it's only fair|that we try tube grubs.
{853}{897}Besides, you said|it was terrific.
{898}{939}That was before I knew|what it was.
{940}{998}Eat. You need more meat|on your bones.
{1036}{1060}So, tell me, Nog
{1061}{1109}how do you like|working security?
{1110}{1156}It's very interesting, sir.
{1157}{1205}That's not what you told me.
{1230}{1263}Something wrong?
{1264}{1287}No, sir.
{1288}{1327}Everything's quite satisfactory.
{1328}{1367}Thank you, sir.
{1369}{1392}Could've fooled me.
{1428}{1516}Cadet, if there's a problem,|I want to hear about it.
{1558}{1601}Well, sir...

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/star.trek.ds9.s05e24.empok.nor.dvdrip.xvid-vf.sub

{204}{267}Welcome, welcome, welcome.
{268}{327}It's a little quiet in here.
{328}{379}Oh, you just beat the rush.
{380}{451}Uh, let me get your order|before, uh...
{452}{491}before I get swamped.
{492}{535}I'll have a Til'amin froth.
{536}{567}I'll have a...
{612}{647}What was that?
{649}{687}What was what?!
{688}{736}Oh, that!|That's, uh...
{768}{826}just my nephew and Chief O'Brien
{826}{850}repairing some conduit.
{851}{875}You'll get used to it.
{924}{965}The Klingon restaurant.
{966}{1008}It would be quieter.
{1224}{1285}When are you two going|to be done in there?
{1286}{1325}When the conduit is repaired
{1326}{1379}and brought back up|to safety specs.
{1380}{1433}Well, hurry up before I|lose all my customers.
{1434}{1463}I need to get something.
{1513}{1555}Two root beers.
{1950}{1998}Optronic coupler.
{2238}{2289}How did you know|I was going to ask
{2290}{2326}for a phase decompiler?
{2326}{2362}I wa

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/

{502}{549}Did you hear|about the Tian An Men?
{550}{590}She was reported|missing last night
{591}{622}near the Cardassian border.
{623}{661}That's three|in the last three weeks.
{662}{705}At this rate, we're going|to run out of ships.
{706}{733}Well, that's not funny.
{734}{762}It wasn't meant to be.
{763}{851}Unless Starfleet Command|actually starts doing something
{852}{910}about the Dominion threat,|the situation's
{911}{942}only going to get worse.
{943}{1020}Well, what do you want, Julian,|a war?
{1021}{1078}What I want|is to talk about something else.
{1135}{1171}what about Kirayoshi?
{1172}{1207}Is he walking yet?
{1248}{1299}Not yet, no.
{1328}{1365}Odo, I understand
{1366}{1429}you're going to Bajor next week.
{1430}{1484}Do you plan to see Dr. Mora?
{1485}{1569}Uh... actually,|I've canceled my trip.
{1570}{1699}There's been a 75 percent jump|in the theft of medical supplies
{1700}{1756}and food rations on DS9.
{1757}{1820}I ha

Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Season 5 - Eng Sub/

{44}{67}What do you think?
{68}{100}I don't know.
{101}{140}What do you think?
{166}{225}I like it.
{226}{268}Don't you?
{269}{339}Rom, it's two handkerchiefs|and a loincloth.
{340}{410}I suppose we could lose|the handkerchiefs.
{411}{475}Ferengi tradition|or no Ferengi tradition
{476}{536}I am not going to be|naked at my wedding.
{537}{577}Who said anything about naked?
{578}{636}You'll still have the loincloth.
{672}{727}Please show us something else.
{728}{759}There is nothing else.
{760}{837}I've shown you 153|different wedding dresses
{838}{919}from Tellarite modern|to Risian traditional
{920}{956}and you've hated them all.
{957}{1028}Well, I like number 38.
{1029}{1058}Number 38?
{1059}{1133}It had more layers|than a Baduviam tapestry.
{1134}{1170}It was elegant.
{1171}{1197}It was bulky.
{1198}{1244}I liked 64.
{1245}{1290}- Sixty-four?|- Eeesh!
{1290}{1341}Well, at least|they agree on something.
{1342}{1454}Why don't you just let Garak|design a dress on his own?

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