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Podnapisi :: Star trek DS9 Season 6 E1-13

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{148}{215}Last time on|'Star Trek - Deep Space 9...'
{219}{314}More Jem'Hadar ships come through|the wormhole every week.
{318}{374}- lt's going to stop.|- How?
{378}{429}We'll mine the entrance|to the wormhole,
{433}{524}prevent the Dominion|from bringing more reinforcements.
{528}{657}Either you remove the mines|or we will take this station from you
{661}{721}and remove them ourselves.
{786}{848}Mr Worf, all weapons fire at will.
{1020}{1084}l've waited for this for five years.
{1263}{1311}We've lost power to the shields.
{1515}{1628}- What are your orders?|- We've done all we can here.
{1632}{1779}Notify all remaining Starfleet personnel.|We're evacuating the station.
{1783}{1858}l heard you've been|assigned to Martok's ship.
{1862}{1976}- lt may be some time before we meet.|- We may never meet again.
{2071}{2151}Dukat wanted the station back.|He can have it.
{2381}{2442}And now, the continuation.
{3045}{3133}Long-range scanners show|no sign of Jem'Hadar ships.


{50}{99}Captain's log, supplemental.
{103}{251}O'Brien needed three days to restore|power to our ship but he won't get them.
{255}{311}Two Jem'Hadar fighters|are heading our way,
{315}{436}and without main power our chances|of survival are slim to none.
{474}{526}Try it now.
{530}{615}Reroute the gyrodyne|through the thruster array.
{619}{785}- Where are those ships now?|- Bearing 310, mark 215, still closing.
{789}{840}Did you reroute that gyrodyne?
{844}{913}The thruster array|won't take the input.
{917}{991}Try the lateral impulse thrusters.
{995}{1072}Access the auxiliary core|through the starboard console.
{1076}{1155}l've tried.|Still no power to weapons or shields.
{1159}{1254}There's a nebula 60 degrees|above the bow. Can we reach it?
{1258}{1326}Yes, but we don't know what's in there.
{1330}{1402}The Jem'Hadar ships|are entering weapons range.
{1510}{1601}Dax, get us into the nebula.|Full impulse!
{1867}{1933}Sisko to Bashir,|medical emergency.
{1963}{2020}Helm control'


{337}{387}Sisko to Dax.
{500}{544}Yes, Captain.
{548}{635}We arrive at Starbase 375|in five minutes.
{639}{715}l'll meet you in the transporter room.|Dax out.
{744}{889}That's what l call really bad timing.|l have to go.
{1200}{1336}- There is just one more thing.|- As long as it's not about the wedding.
{1340}{1392}When we exchange our vows,
{1396}{1478}you must present|your "d'k tahg" to General Martok
{1482}{1565}as a formal request for him|to accept you into our House.
{1569}{1647}- l don't want to join his House.|- What?
{1651}{1715}l don't want to get caught up|in blood feuds.
{1719}{1824}Every time a member of the House|of Martok gets dishonoured or killed,
{1828}{1929}l'll have to drop everything|and rush off on a quest for vengeance.
{1933}{1979}lt's boring.
{1983}{2096}Refusing will be a grave dishonour.|General Martok will not understand.
{2100}{2155}Worf. l'm joking.
{2266}{2387}- So you will join our House?|- Of course l will.
{2391}{2484}l can


{51}{142}Captain's log,|stardate 51145.3.
{146}{226}The Defiant has been operating|out of Starbase 375,
{230}{307}conducting forays|into Dominion-controlled space.
{311}{371}While the missions have taken a toll,
{375}{468}my people remain determined to do|whatever it takes to win this war,
{472}{533}as do l.
{537}{636}- Here you are.|- Where did you get Saurian brandy?
{640}{731}- ln the middle of a war, no less.|- lt's a busy starbase.
{735}{805}l may be a cadet but l'm still a Ferengi.
{809}{856}Lucky for us.
{1063}{1156}Excuse me, Captain.|The power cell from the phaser array.
{1160}{1231}We used it up on the last mission.
{1313}{1453}Take a good look at this, people.|lt says something about this ship.
{1457}{1513}lt says that we will fight
{1517}{1608}and we will keep on fighting|until we can't fight anymore.
{1612}{1643}Yes, sir!
{1647}{1717}You don't just throw|something like this away.
{1721}{1761}No, sir!
{1963}{2017}Admiral on deck.
{2034}{2080}As you were.


{239}{308}Emitting distress signals|on all frequencies, sir.
{312}{392}- Chief?|- We're still venting plasma.
{396}{508}Any ship around will know we're here|and we're not going anywhere.
{531}{686}We have company. Two Dominion|ships, bearing 197, mark 135.
{690}{742}We'll be in range in 22 seconds.
{746}{793}- Shields?|- Shields at 30%.
{797}{863}- Phaser banks?|- The weapons array is off-line.
{867}{937}Now we find something to hold onto.
{1089}{1139}Shields are down to 20%.
{1361}{1404}- Now?|- Now.
{1408}{1495}Shields up, engines at full impulse.|Power to main phasers.
{1499}{1553}- Target locked.|- Fire!
{1680}{1743}Are there any other Dominion ships?
{1747}{1832}- None that l can see.|- This is the captain speaking.
{1836}{1891}All hands, stand down.
{1895}{1940}Good job, people.
{1944}{2020}We're being hailed by the Rotarran.|lt's Commander Worf.
{2024}{2076}On screen.
{2080}{2187}Well done, Captain.|You were a very effective decoy.
{2191}{2317}- How ab


{58}{119}Last time on|'Star Trek - Deep Space Nine '...
{171}{241}- The Dominion won't attack Earth.|- How can you be sure?
{245}{341}Because Earth isn't the key|to the Alpha Quadrant, the wormhole is.
{345}{431}Whoever controls Deep Space 9|controls the wormhole.
{591}{640}- Target locked.|- Fire!
{745}{775}Execute Rom?
{779}{855}He committed an act of terrorism|against the Dominion.
{859}{963}You've got to finish what l started.|The fate of the quadrant
{967}{1032}- is in your hands.|- What if l get caught?
{1236}{1322}lf Dominion reinforcements|pass the wormhole, all is lost.
{1326}{1370}We take the ships we have,
{1374}{1485}fight our way to DS9|and destroy the anti-graviton emitter.
{1489}{1631}Dukat is bringing down the minefield.|The Federation is about to be overrun.
{1635}{1719}- Weyoun has ordered Rom's execution.|- l'm sorry.
{1723}{1797}We are way, way past 'sorry'.
{1801}{1943}- lt's a large Dominion fleet. 1,254 ships.|- They outnumber us two to one.


{72}{174}Captain's personal log,|stardate 51247.5.
{178}{293}lt's been a week since our return|to DS9 but the celebration continues.
{297}{406}We're still at war, and the station|is now the HQ of the Ninth Fleet.
{410}{478}That, plus our position|by the wormhole,
{482}{581}makes DS9 one of the most|tempting targets in the quadrant.
{585}{696}But for now, at least,|the war seems very far away.
{850}{907}Morning. Good morning.
{911}{984}- Morning, Major.|- Good morning, Captain.
{988}{1050}How l missed hearing you say that.
{1054}{1119}How l hated saying|'Good morning, Dukat'.
{1123}{1185}l can imagine. What's on the agenda?
{1189}{1299}U.S.S. Potemkin has completed repairs|and is rejoining the fleet later today.
{1303}{1395}Exeter, Sutherland and Agaki|have submitted resupply requests
{1399}{1471}and there are 1,000 messages|from Starfleet Command
{1475}{1525}awaiting 'your eyes only' attention.
{1529}{1566}Anything else?
{1570}{1653}- General Martok is in your office.|- l'll


{140}{201}What about Captain Boday?
{205}{280}You want me to bring him|to your place for dinner?
{284}{362}- lt's just a suggestion.|- lt's a bad suggestion.
{366}{441}You used to go out with Captain Boday,|Worf hates him
{445}{580}and as we've discussed many times,|Captain Boday has a transparent skull.
{584}{654}And you don't like to see a man's brains.
{755}{807}What about Dr Trag'tok?
{811}{923}He's intelligent,|he has a good physique,
{927}{967}and a very opaque cranium.
{971}{1044}True, but his eye bothers me.
{1048}{1112}- Which one?|- The middle one.
{1116}{1192}Really, you are so obsessed|with appearances.
{1196}{1307}- Your taste in men frightens me.|- l'll be sure to tell Worf you said so.
{1311}{1379}- Tell me what?|- Don't be so nosy.
{1404}{1485}You could always invite Odo as a friend.
{1489}{1604}l'm not ready for that, neither is Odo.|Let's just forget that one.
{1608}{1673}Two "raktajinos," extra strong,|and a "kava" roll.
{1677}{1782}- l'm comin


{139}{188}No, it is not there!
{192}{254}Am l the only one here?|ls that it? Hm? Hm? Hm?
{258}{328}Am l the only one who sees?|Hm? Hm? Hm? Hm?
{333}{442}- And what is that incessant noise?|- Calm down.
{447}{520}- Am l talking too fast?|- You're upset, Jack.
{525}{617}- Don't leave us, Karen!|- lt's only a few weeks, Patrick.
{622}{762}Know why they brought us here?|Carted us across the quadrant?
{766}{826}- To experiment on us.|- Stop it.
{831}{895}Check out|our genetically engineered brains.
{900}{1005}They're going to cut our heads open|and see what comes out!
{1010}{1075}He's just trying to scare you.
{1080}{1193}l told you why l brought you here,|remember? To meet Dr Bashir.
{1198}{1263}You know, the handsome one.
{1268}{1357}He was genetically enhanced|as a boy, just like all of you.
{1362}{1410}No! He's not like us.
{1415}{1514}l never saw him at the lnstitute,|locked away for being too smart.
{1519}{1614}He's passed himself off as normal.|He's Mr Normal Starfleet man.


{393}{449}Just set them on the bar.
{469}{514}Morn, no touching.
{538}{600}You know what this is?
{604}{676}Three cases of syrup of squill.
{680}{793}l love syrup of squill on my groatcakes|but l haven't seen a jar in years.
{797}{890}- No one has.|- Does that mean the drought is over?
{894}{941}There never was a drought on Balancar.
{945}{1021}lt was a ploy|by their farming consortium.
{1025}{1127}They've been stockpiling squill|in order to drive the price up.
{1131}{1233}- That's dishonest.|- l couldn't agree more.
{1237}{1358}You see, l know the nephew of|the cousin of the stepsister of a friend
{1362}{1459}of the secretary to the|consortium's chief accountant.
{1463}{1532}Nephew... Cousin...|Stepsister... Friend...
{1536}{1587}Yeah, that's right.
{1591}{1649}And he told me in passing
{1653}{1741}that the accountant had bought|a pair of Ferengi rain slippers.
{1745}{1854}And if there was a drought,|he wouldn't need rain slippers.
{1858}{1917}My thoughts exactly.


{79}{170}Captain's log,|stardate 51408.6.
{174}{293}l've been aboard the Honshu for two|days and l still haven't spoken to him,
{297}{368}although the doctors say|he has recovered.
{372}{423}Maybe that's what l'm afraid of.
{427}{514}Maybe l prefer to think of him|as a crazy man, a broken man.
{536}{598}He'd be less dangerous that way.
{602}{703}As terrible as it sounds,|a part of me wishes he were dead.
{724}{835}But that's a thought unworthy|of a Starfleet officer.
{864}{979}He lost an empire, he lost his daughter|and he nearly lost his mind.
{983}{1107}Whatever his crimes, isn't that enough|punishment for one lifetime?
{1262}{1324}l heard you were aboard.
{1419}{1494}l was wondering|if you'd make an appearance.
{1498}{1548}How are you?
{1765}{1883}The doctors tell me|l've made a remarkable recovery.
{1887}{1937}They told me the same thing.
{1941}{2025}Good. l'd hate to think|they were patronising me.
{2069}{2173}- So l'm a war criminal.|- You're innocent t


{211}{324}Morn, if you're not too busy|l'd appreciate it if you did something
{328}{437}about the shipment of Livanian beets|you have sitting in cargo bay 3.
{441}{536}lt's been there for over two weeks.|lt's starting to rot.
{674}{723}lt's a hologram.
{727}{806}Morn's been away on business|for two weeks.
{810}{896}You're slipping.|You should've caught on a lot sooner.
{900}{994}You replaced Morn|with a hologram? Why?
{998}{1038}- Evening.|- Hello, Morn.
{1042}{1131}That's why. People love him.|He's like a mascot.
{1135}{1185}Everyone expects to see him.
{1189}{1250}lf they don't,|it doesn't feel like home.
{1254}{1318}And that's not good for business.
{1322}{1433}The last time he went away|my sales dropped almost five per cent.
{1490}{1534}Why doesn't it talk?
{1538}{1667}Do you have any idea how much|an interactive holo-projector costs?
{1671}{1782}Besides, it's a relief not|to have to listen to him go on.
{1786}{1918}You know Morn. He never sh


{151}{242}The Defiant searched|the area for almost six hours.
{246}{403}- We couldn't find any sign of survivors.|- The Cortz was a good ship.
{407}{474}You knew Captain Swofford|a long time.
{478}{532}l introduced him to his wife.
{536}{605}Patrolling the Cardassian borders|is getting dangerous.
{609}{683}You never know|when you'll meet Jem'Hadar.
{687}{773}l guess we popped|the champagne cork too soon.
{777}{857}We thought the war was over|when we retook the station
{861}{932}and pushed the Dominion|back to Cardassian space.
{936}{988}Neither of us ever believed that.
{992}{1082}A lot of good that did|the 400 people on the Cortz.
{1174}{1245}Mr Sisko.
{1249}{1397}- How do you like our station so far?|- Well, it certainly is big.
{1548}{1684}l heard about Quentin Swofford.|l'm sorry.
{1688}{1805}Look, Dad. l know l haven't been|very good company the last few days.
{1809}{1943}l didn't come here to be entertained.|l came to see you and Jake.

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