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Podnapisi :: Star trek DS9 Season 6 E14-26

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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{194}{294}- "Peldor joi," Emissary.|- "Peldor joi" to you, too.
{316}{386}lt looks like the festival|was a big success.
{390}{440}Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
{444}{493}- Thank you, Captain.|- For what?
{497}{602}For insisting that the festival take place|despite the war.
{606}{726}War or no war, we have a lot to be|grateful for and we must remember that.
{730}{848}We must. Shouldn't you be heading|to the wardroom for the ceremony?
{852}{934}- On my way. Let's go.|- Come on, you guys.
{975}{1028}Mummy, look. lsn't it pretty?
{1112}{1223}- Nerys, l've been looking for you.|- l don't feel like talking to you.
{1227}{1293}- Don't you want to hear my side?|- No.
{1297}{1349}Someone has to maintain order|on the Promenade.
{1353}{1449}- You arrested a Vedek.|- l'd hardly call it an arrest.
{1453}{1552}He wasn't in the holding cell for more|than an hour. He broke the law.
{1556}{1681}Fundraising on the Promenade|without a licence is forbidden.
{1685}{1778}Vedek Soli


{66}{150}Captain's log,|stardate 51474.2.
{154}{241}The Defiant is investigating|a rare subspace compression
{245}{302}recently found in Federation space.
{306}{451}This assignment is a welcome change|from combat duty against the Dominion.
{455}{540}Three officers are taking|a runabout into the anomaly.
{544}{620}They will be subjected|to severe spatial distortion.
{624}{686}A tractor beam|should minimise the effect.
{789}{839}So, how small are they?
{843}{952}The miniaturisation won't begin until they|reach the edge of the accretion disc.
{956}{1051}l see. And then they'll begin to shrink?
{1055}{1091}Yes, sir.
{1120}{1210}Major, are you laughing|at our investigation of this anomaly?
{1214}{1241}No, sir.
{1245}{1377}The data could be the key to creating|transwarp corridors through space.
{1381}{1452}lt could give us a real advantage|over the Dominion.
{1456}{1519}lt's very important research.
{1546}{1625}What? l'm not laughing.
{1666}{1769}Just because we are shrinking|three pe


{678}{744}Raimus isn't going|to be happy about this.
{748}{803}What are you going to do?
{807}{864}l don't know.
{868}{939}Don't you mean what|are we going to do?
{943}{1010}Raimus told you to|get the merchandise.
{1014}{1091}- l'll figure something out.|- You'd better.
{1095}{1149}l said l'll figure it out.
{1153}{1236}- l'm hungry.|- Let's have Krellan food.
{1240}{1342}- No. That gives me heartburn.|- That's because you eat too fast.
{1346}{1438}l eat when l'm hungry,|and when l'm hungry, l eat fast.
{1442}{1534}That appetite of yours|is going to kill you someday.
{1538}{1600}Don't get your hopes up.
{1604}{1677}- We're using that com booth.|- Go.
{1752}{1816}Order some nozala sandwiches.
{2074}{2135}Computer accessed.
{2139}{2223}Get them to deliver|some extra vilm sauce.
{2227}{2353}- Who should l bill this time?|- l don't care, just so long as it isn't us.
{2357}{2457}- How about the police?|- We billed them for last night's dinner.
{2461}{2554}Municipal sanitation.|Do yo


{281}{336}- Sell at 20.|- ls that a joke?
{340}{409}Do l look like l'm joking?
{532}{594}- She has him.|- She's down 50 strips.
{598}{678}- Not for long.|- What makes you so sure?
{682}{752}Jadzia's playing a very deep game.
{756}{825}Her strategy will become|apparent any moment.
{829}{883}l see.
{887}{980}You have absolutely no idea|how this game is played, do you?
{1027}{1125}No. But l have developed|a new appreciation for it.
{1129}{1218}- Since when?|- Since l married a "tongo" player.
{1222}{1323}One thing l am certain about -|she will defeat the bartender.
{1327}{1390}l don't know about that.|Quark's on a roll.
{1394}{1481}ln the last month,|he's won 206 straight games.
{1545}{1599}Will you bet on the outcome?
{1603}{1670}l wouldn't want to bet|against a man's wife.
{1674}{1751}- lf you are afraid...|- Name your stakes.
{1755}{1836}A bottle of bloodwine|against a bottle of whisky.
{1920}{1992}A sale at 50 and a purchase at 100.


{203}{309}- The Saratoga put in this morning.|- We are not having another party.
{313}{376}- Not more than 50 or 60...|- l can see it now.
{380}{537}200 people jammed into our quarters,|eating, drinking, laughing.
{541}{643}That sounds awful. What if l promise|absolutely no laughing?
{647}{734}You won't see a single smile|the entire evening.
{738}{837}lt'll be the grimmest party|you've ever been to.
{841}{904}- When do you want to have this party?|- Next week.
{908}{1003}l was thinking maybe the evening|should have a theme.
{1007}{1062}What kind of theme?
{1066}{1142}What if everyone came as|their favourite Klingon?
{1146}{1275}- Bad idea.|- Your holosuite is ready.
{1279}{1359}- Good.|- Have fun exercising.
{1425}{1494}- No party?|- l came this close.
{1577}{1660}- Thank you.|- Don't mention it. Glad to be of help.
{1664}{1732}Bajoran lilacs.
{1761}{1830}ls there something going on|between you two?
{1834}{1895}Don't be disgusting.
{1927}{2010}- l ordered them for myself.|- That


{39}{160}Computer, download file to padd F7.|Come on.
{164}{244}- Download complete.|- Thank you. Nurse.
{268}{360}- You're up late.|- l've got a few things to finish.
{364}{451}l'm presenting a paper|at a medical conference.
{455}{509}l see. Where is it?
{513}{626}- Risa, Casperia Prime?|- Casperia. How did you guess?
{630}{707}Doctors always hold conferences|at sunny resorts.
{711}{820}Don't you think we deserve a break|from all the illness and death?
{824}{915}Don't forget to take plenty of sunscreen.
{919}{1039}Let me guess.|You dislocated your shoulder.
{1043}{1115}- Not again.|- Afraid so.
{1119}{1226}You promised not to go kayaking|until your shoulder healed.
{1230}{1357}l know, but l can't stay away.|lt's like the river calls to me.
{1361}{1492}lt's saying, 'Stay away. Don't come|near me or l'll hurt you more!'
{1539}{1638}- Much better.|- lt will be tender for a few days.
{1673}{1788}lf the pain gets any worse,|Nurse Bandee will give you something.


{52}{175}Captain's personal log,|stardate 517...
{291}{357}4? Computer, what day is it?
{361}{504}- Stardate 51721.3.|- lt's only been two weeks.
{615}{692}l need to talk about this.
{696}{795}l have to justify what's happened,|what l've done.
{799}{875}At least to myself.
{879}{978}l can't talk to anyone else.|Not even to Dax.
{1036}{1159}Maybe if l lay it all out in my log,|it will finally make sense.
{1184}{1326}l can see where it all went wrong.|Where l went wrong.
{1366}{1518}lt started two weeks ago while l was|posting the weekly casualty list.
{1522}{1613}Every Friday morning,|l post the official list
{1617}{1727}of Starfleet personnel killed,|wounded or missing in the war.
{1731}{1795}lt's become a grim ritual.
{1799}{1911}Not a week goes by that someone|doesn't find the name of a loved one,
{1915}{2026}a friend or an acquaintance|on that damned list.
{2030}{2110}l've grown to hate Fridays.
{2199}{2249}Who is it, Dax?
{2253}{2327}- Leslie Wong.|- The sk


{139}{250}So find yourself somebody
{254}{317}Get yourself somebody
{321}{450}You are nobody|till somebody loves you
{488}{617}You're nobody till somebody cares
{650}{819}Now you may be king,|you may possess the world and its gold
{823}{912}Gold won't bring you happiness
{916}{971}When you're growing old
{975}{1053}Now the world is still the same
{1057}{1127}You'll never change it
{1149}{1314}As sure as the stars shine above
{1318}{1475}You're nobody|till somebody loves you
{1479}{1574}So find yourself somebody
{1578}{1651}Get yourself somebody
{1655}{1787}Find yourself somebody
{1791}{1897}Somebody to love
{2192}{2297}lt's been 400 years, but that little|number still works for me.
{2325}{2399}- lsn't he terrific?|- l prefer Klingon opera.
{2403}{2452}- l'll introduce you.|- To a hologram?
{2456}{2595}- Doctor, is this really necessary?|- He's no ordinary hologram.
{2669}{2784}- You're terrific. Great.|- Thanks, doc.
{2788}{2889}l know what you're thinking.|


{143}{225}The Dominion has solidified its hold|in the Kalandra Sector.
{229}{351}They want a supply line to go through|Betazoid space into the Argolis Cluster.
{355}{464}lf they succeed, they will be able|to launch an attack against Vulcan.
{468}{572}Starfleet's going to try to cut them off|near the Tibor Nebula.
{576}{646}The Seventh Fleet will engage|the enemy in the morning.
{650}{736}The Seventh Fleet is at half-strength.|They had losses at Sybaron.
{740}{794}Let's hope they get the job done.
{798}{921}- But l do have a bit of good news.|- That makes a change.
{925}{1035}The Romulans have forced the Dominion|to retreat from the Benzite System.
{1039}{1085}That is good news.
{1089}{1221}But will the Romulans be willing|to leave Benzar after the war is over?
{1225}{1298}Once they capture territory,|they rarely give it up.
{1302}{1369}We need to concentrate|on beating the Dominion.
{1373}{1447}We'll worry about the Romulans later.
{1451}{1581}As some of you know, Major Kira,|Jake


{117}{205}How long does it take?|l've been waiting for ever.
{227}{277}This isn't what l want.
{384}{461}- Having a bad day?|- Like you care.
{465}{579}Fizz, froth, flip, finial, foam and flare.|What's going on at that table?
{610}{694}l take it there's a problem|with your drink replicator?
{698}{799}A problem? No, can't be.
{836}{928}l'd have submitted|a maintenance request this morning.
{932}{1010}lf l had done that,|Chief O'Brien would have assured me
{1014}{1084}that Rom would fix it right away.
{1088}{1143}Then Rom would have promised me
{1147}{1228}that Nog would fix it|before the end of the day.
{1232}{1335}Since it's the end of the day|and there is no Nog in sight,
{1339}{1461}we can only draw one conclusion.|That l don't have a problem.
{1465}{1534}- Your drink replicator's broken?|- You're quick.
{1538}{1612}- Do you want me to fix it or not?|- You?
{1616}{1759}That's right. Nog had a chance to go|to Ferenginar and l said l would cover.


{47}{149}l am truly impressed,|and l'm not easily impressed.
{153}{265}ln all my years as the proprietor of|Quark's Bar, Grill and Holosuite Arcade
{269}{367}l have never seen such a glowing|employee performance report.
{383}{431}l mean, look at this.
{435}{565}ln three months, no customer|has filed a single complaint against you.
{569}{712}You haven't spilled a drink, mixed up|a food order or short-changed a bill.
{716}{777}l take my job very seriously.
{781}{850}And yet you always|wear a friendly smile.
{854}{940}Because l like my work.|l'm happy to be here.
{944}{1046}And it shows.|The customers love you.
{1050}{1094}Your fellow dabo girls love you.
{1098}{1172}Even the Ferengi waiters|sing your praises. You know why?
{1176}{1228}Because you're nice.
{1232}{1286}l try to be.
{1315}{1426}You're nice to the customers.|You're nice to the dabo girls.
{1430}{1566}You're nice to the Ferengi waiters.|You're nice to everyone.
{1570}{1618}Almost everyone.
{1648}{1758}- You mean l've o


{167}{229}Wake up, it's time to go.
{252}{344}- Hi, honey.|- lt's almost seven. Time to get ready.
{366}{458}- Time to get ready for what?|- The picnic.
{462}{583}- What picnic? ls that today?|- Yes, don't you remember?
{587}{683}- We better get going then.|- l'm going to wear my blue jumper.
{687}{734}Good idea, sweetie.
{792}{860}l can't believe how much she's grown|since l saw her last.
{864}{913}- Look who's talking.|- What?
{917}{1008}- What have you been eating?|- The usual.
{1012}{1103}l'm back|and you're going to start eating right.
{1107}{1189}- Can't it wait till after the picnic?|- No.
{1284}{1396}- Mummy, can you help me put this on?|- Of course, sweetie.
{1413}{1497}- Where's the sunscreen?|- l've packed it.
{1602}{1661}This is where we're going, Yoshi. See?
{1665}{1759}Last time we went to Golana|you were in Mummy's tummy.
{1763}{1848}Better get down to the airlock.|The shuttle leaves in 20 minutes.
{1852}{1950}- Can we bring Chester?|- That wouldn't be a good idea.


{157}{244}These barstools|will have to be removed.
{248}{326}- You know how much they cost?|- l'm not interested.
{330}{394}Station regulation 2562, paragraph four:
{398}{512}'Promenade furniture must not pose|a danger to public safety.'
{516}{608}Without a back on the stool,|Morn could tumble,
{612}{705}shattering his upper vertebrae|or puncturing three or four of his lungs.
{709}{829}Nonsense. His body weight|is perfectly distributed across the seat.
{833}{931}He's also better able to enjoy|the view of the lovely dabo girls.
{935}{1048}And should he require|another drink he need only spin back.
{1052}{1140}Which points out|another danger: vertigo.
{1144}{1228}This isn't going|to give anybody vertigo.
{1232}{1335}Your appeal has been rejected.|l want the barstools removed.
{1339}{1437}lt's come to my attention|that your dabo wheel is in violation
{1441}{1517}of station regulation 4721,|which states...
{1521}{1558}- Odo.|- Nerys!
{1562}{1615}- You busy?|- Not at all.

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