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Podnapisi :: Star trek DS9 Season 7 E1-14

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star trek DS9 Season 7 E1-14 v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 176.334 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{39}{138}Last time on|'Star Trek - Deep Space Nine'.
{315}{378}l managed to save the Dax symbiont.
{381}{455}There was nothing|l could do for Jadzia.
{739}{813}Federation soldiers|have landed on Cardassia,
{816}{880}now you say the wormhole is gone
{883}{959}and with it any chance|of getting reinforcements?
{962}{1018}The station's all yours, Major.
{1074}{1124}Let's go home, Jake.
{1190}{1270}l need a first officer|for a dangerous mission.
{1273}{1370}lt's dangerous enough to ensure Jadzia|a place in "Sto-Vo-Kor."
{1373}{1428}l had a vision from the Prophets.
{1431}{1530}l was on Tyree, in the desert,|and l uncovered the face of a woman.
{1533}{1627}- You had a wife before Mum?|- Sarah was your mother.
{1630}{1717}- Evacuate immediately.|- That's impossible.
{1720}{1804}Either you remove those weapons,|or we will.
{1925}{2006}- Hello, Benjamin.|- Do l know you?
{2009}{2096}lt's me. Dax.
{2118}{2183}And now, the continuation.
{2204}{2286}Dax? l can't believe it.


{48}{124}Last time on|'Star Trek - Deep Space Nine.'
{127}{213}Starfleet wants you|to plan the invasion of Cardassia.
{786}{930}l managed to save the Dax symbiont.|There was nothing l could do for Jadzia.
{1319}{1386}Federation soldiers|have landed on Cardassia
{1389}{1461}and now you say|the wormhole is gone,
{1464}{1539}and with it any chance|of getting reinforcements?
{1542}{1607}Why aren't you still here, Jadzia?
{1639}{1737}l need you.|Something's happened to the Prophets.
{1740}{1841}They've turned their backs on Bajor|and l'm responsible.
{1844}{1907}l don't know what to do about it,
{1934}{2014}how to make it right again.
{2051}{2125}l've failed as the Emissary,
{2128}{2256}and for the first time in my life|l've failed as a Starfleet officer.
{2259}{2380}- The station's all yours, Major.|- She'll be here when you get back.
{2419}{2495}Let's go home, Jake.
{2498}{2563}And now, the continuation.
{2854}{2976}l wish you'd stop callin


{309}{379}- How long was l asleep?|- Almost two hours.
{413}{463}Are we close to home?
{466}{540}We entered the Bajoran System|a few minutes ago.
{543}{599}What's that?
{602}{713}The shopkeeper l bought it from|called it a 'knickknack'.
{716}{846}- l didn't know you collected them.|- lt's a present for Kira.
{890}{949}You don't think she'll like it?
{975}{1085}l'm sure she will. lt's just|that l didn't get anything for Keiko.
{1136}{1204}The conference kept you pretty busy.
{1207}{1265}You found time to get something.
{1351}{1457}- Not chocolates as well.|- Rigelian chocolates. Her favourite.
{1482}{1549}- l'll buy them from you.|- Pardon?
{1552}{1691}l'll buy them from you.|She doesn't need two presents.
{1694}{1768}l'm sorry, Miles, but the answer is no.
{1884}{1980}- There's something behind us.|- lt's gaining on us fast.
{2330}{2425}- You think it's friendly?|- l hope so.
{2428}{2500}lt's certainly taken an interest in us.
{2598}{2660}- l


{130}{175}Listen up.
{178}{270}To Lieutenant Hector llario,
{273}{382}proof that the Academy|produces the finest pilots in the galaxy.
{385}{444}- Hear, hear.|- l haven't finished yet.
{447}{518}A toast should be short and to the point.
{521}{601}- l wouldn't mind hearing more.|- Modesty above all.
{604}{727}This is no time to be modest.|This man, this youth, this mere pup...
{730}{819}- l'm 22.|- l was speaking metaphorically.
{822}{932}This inspired cherub|masterfully piloted the Defiant
{935}{997}into battle against six Jem'Hadar ships.
{1000}{1100}When the smoke cleared,|only one ship remained intact,
{1103}{1200}and that, ladies and gentlemen,|was the U.S.S. Defiant.
{1203}{1291}- The kid's a born helmsman.|- And so say all of us.
{1294}{1352}Hear, hear!
{1386}{1504}- Thanks. l'm just glad to be here.|- lt's the best posting in the galaxy.
{1507}{1570}lf there's anything you want, just ask.
{1573}{1635}- There is one thing.|- Name it.
{1638}{1754}Next time you two go to the


{231}{318}Have you ever seen anything|so disgusting?
{321}{408}The way he's undressing her|with his eyes.
{411}{468}And look at his hands!
{471}{542}- What about them?|- His gestures are obscene.
{545}{613}- You should arrest him.|- You're joking.
{616}{689}He's pitiful.
{692}{791}- Doesn't he realise she loves me?|- l don't think he does.
{794}{849}l don't think she does either.
{852}{942}- Thanks for your support.|- Brother! l just talked to Moogie.
{945}{1046}- Grand Nagus Zek has disappeared.|- What do you mean?
{1049}{1149}He went on a business safari|to open new territories for exploitation.
{1152}{1224}- That's our Nagus.|- He said he'd be back in five days.
{1227}{1293}- That was twelve days ago!|- Twelve?
{1296}{1364}- Has he done this before?|- Not for this long.
{1367}{1484}No one's heard from him. He could be|hurt or dead. We must do something!
{1487}{1605}He probably stopped off on Risa|for a little rest and relaxation.
{1608}{1712}With all those gorgeous women?|He w


{64}{190}- By the way, your "gagh" has arrived.|- My what? Oh, no.
{193}{305}- lt's waiting for you in cargo bay 2.|- Your "gagh?"
{308}{415}Jadzia ordered it. She was planning|a party for Martok's birthday.
{418}{498}- How much "gagh" did she order?|- 51 cases.
{501}{598}- Each containing a different variety.|- There are varieties?
{601}{690}Oh, yes. l can remember|what each one tastes like.
{693}{765}And the way they feel|when you swallow them.
{768}{923}Torgud "gagh" wiggles. Filden "gagh"|squirms. Meshta "gagh" jumps.
{967}{1019}Are you all right?
{1022}{1122}- Are you all right?|- Me?
{1125}{1182}You've barely said three words.
{1185}{1278}l just...can't wait to see Miles,|that's all.
{1281}{1363}Let me guess.|You have a holosuite appointment?
{1366}{1460}- Defending the Alamo again?|- You know me too well.
{1463}{1518}- When does he arrive?|- Half an hour.
{1521}{1598}Bithool "gagh" has feet.
{1601}{1727}- Flush it out the airlock. All of it.|- Environmental regulations.


{154}{258}- What if l say something dumb?|- Like what?
{261}{378}- Like, 'How's your new leg?'|- He's probably expecting questions.
{381}{451}l don't want to say the wrong thing.
{454}{534}Maybe l shouldn't be there|when he arrives.
{537}{630}When he was in hospital,|he didn't answer my letters.
{633}{743}l'm only his stepmother. He's going|through something so personal,
{746}{798}maybe he only wants|his real family.
{801}{879}- You are real family.|- That's right.
{882}{943}And you should both just relax.
{946}{1015}Yes, Nog has lost a leg,
{1018}{1107}but nothing you say will be worse|than what he's gone through.
{1110}{1210}Just be happy to see him|and tell him you love him.
{1230}{1294}They've docked.
{1769}{1847}Colonel, are you sure|this is the right transport?
{1850}{1924}l checked the passenger list|this morning.
{1927}{2002}Here he comes.
{2417}{2493}Welcome back, Nog.
{2496}{2564}Thank you. lt's good to be back.
{2567}{2674}- My orders, Captain.|- Medical leave?


{64}{148}- What can l get for you?|- A Til'amin froth.
{151}{202}Romulan ale, Quark.
{205}{266}A glass of spring wine.
{291}{406}Since when do you drink spring wine...|or anything else, for that matter?
{409}{485}lt's for Kira.|She's getting out of services.
{488}{545}Well, here she is.
{576}{632}- How was it?|- Beautiful.
{635}{736}- Ranjen Telna gave a moving sermon.|- What was it about?
{739}{850}How important it is to forgive|the people who've wronged you.
{854}{962}- Two hours on forgiveness?|- lt's a complicated subject, Odo.
{998}{1054}- What's wrong?|- Nothing.
{1101}{1202}lt's just that|you spend so much time in services.
{1205}{1307}Sometimes it makes me wish l were|a believer so we could go together.
{1310}{1395}- That's so sweet.|- l'd love you to come,
{1398}{1503}but you won't get much out of it|if you don't believe in the Prophets.
{1529}{1589}Perhaps if l had an Orb experience?
{1592}{1659}No. Faith has to come first.
{1662}{1718}That's too bad.


{39}{75}One, two, three, four...
{761}{819}- So? What do you think?|- Not bad.
{822}{882}But the lady is a tramp, not a scamp.
{885}{1006}- Tramp, right. So do l get the gig?|- Sorry, pallie.
{1009}{1109}But Dr Bashir said you're looking|for an opening act and l love to sing.
{1112}{1225}l can tell. But two singers on the same|bill is a one-way ticket to Deadsville.
{1228}{1302}l need someone to warm up|the audience. A comic.
{1305}{1389}- A comic?|- Someone who makes people laugh.
{1392}{1464}l can do that.|People are always laughing at me.
{1467}{1558}That may be true.|But this is a holosuite program.
{1563}{1623}- So?|- So you're not a hologram.
{1662}{1735}- Life can be so unfair.|- Vic. You got a minute?
{1738}{1789}Forget it. He's not hiring.
{1792}{1874}- What's wrong with him?|- Showbiz. lt breaks your heart.
{1877}{1967}- So what can l do for you?|- Did you make those recordings?
{1995}{2079}- All your favourite hits.|- That's great. Thanks.
{2082}{2193}These songs are 4


{140}{226}Santa Anna didn't care|about the rules of war.
{229}{289}lf he had executed Davy Crockett,
{292}{386}he would have considered it|a point of pride.
{389}{497}ln 1836 Crockett was 49,|quite old for the standards of the time.
{500}{603}His days as an lndian fighter|were well behind him.
{606}{701}This is not a man about to fight|to his last breath.
{704}{772}He was out of ammunition,
{775}{856}the Mexican army was storming|the battlements.
{859}{958}He would have surrendered.|lt's as logical as that. Simple.
{961}{1093}l'm not saying it couldn't have|happened, just that there's no proof.
{1096}{1191}The question is whether you believe|in the legend.
{1194}{1295}lf you do, then you should not doubt|that he died a hero's death.
{1298}{1393}lf you do not believe in the legend,|then he was just a man
{1396}{1471}and it does not matter how he died.
{1601}{1686}- l guess that settles that.|- l guess so.
{1878}{1964}- Kor?|- lt's good to see you, my friend.


{101}{157}A little lower.
{160}{256}Lower. Lower.
{293}{365}How's that?
{403}{460}l hope this taught you a lesson.
{463}{506}What's that?
{509}{612}Never play springball|against a changeling.
{615}{676}Just for that, next time
{679}{729}l won't let you win a single game.
{732}{820}Then you'd better work|on your backhand.
{865}{967}Right now, all l want to do is sleep|for two or three...
{1035}{1145}Go right ahead. l should be back|by the time you wake up.
{1193}{1314}l received a coded message|from Gul Russol this morning.
{1317}{1475}Gul Russol? l thought he was executed|when Cardassia joined the Dominion.
{1478}{1600}So did l. The message says|he wants to meet with me.
{1603}{1650}- Why?|- l don't know,
{1653}{1730}but he's my most reliable|Cardassian informant.
{1733}{1831}You mean 'was'. What if Russol|is dead and this is a trap?
{1834}{1967}l've thought about that, but l have|to be sure. l owe him that much.
{2003}{2122}- You want


{54}{104}Miles! Fancy a drink?
{107}{173}l can't. Keiko's waiting on me for dinner.
{176}{291}Book a holosuite for next Thursday.|They're going to Bajor.
{294}{377}- Hi, Julian.|- Hi. You going to Vic's?
{380}{447}- Yes.|- Mind if l join you?
{450}{568}Uh...actually, we were looking forward|to spending an evening alone.
{595}{651}Great. Have a great time.
{703}{759}l understand.
{995}{1093}Cheeky virus.|You've gone and mutated on me.
{1127}{1217}Well, you can run, but you can't hide.
{1516}{1615}- Nog to Dr Bashir.|- Go ahead.
{1618}{1686}You're needed in the lnfirmary, Sir.
{1689}{1798}lt's three in the morning.|lsn't Dr Girani on duty?
{1801}{1890}Not anymore.|Admiral Patrick threw her out.
{1893}{1943}Admiral who?
{1946}{2043}- He wants to see you immediately, Sir.|- On my way.
{2199}{2249}What's going on?
{2252}{2341}- Admiral Patrick just arrived.|- What happened to Dr Girani?
{2344}{2423}The admiral said she|asked too many stupid questions.


{139}{207}- Kira to Sisko.|- Go ahead, Colonel.
{210}{310}Captain Solok of the starship|T'Kumbra is here to see you.
{374}{424}Send him in.
{511}{579}Welcome to Deep Space 9, Captain.
{582}{687}- Your welcome is acknowledged.|- Have a seat.
{759}{852}- lt's been a long time.|- Ten years, two months, five days.
{855}{924}- You don't know it to the minute?|- Of course l do.
{927}{1011}But humans are often|irked by such precision.
{1014}{1110}Especially the more emotional humans.
{1113}{1166}Our repair list.
{1247}{1301}l understand you've been honoured
{1304}{1400}with the Christopher Pike Medal|for Valour. Congratulations.
{1403}{1496}Thank you. And congratulations to you.
{1499}{1638}- l heard you received it last month.|- My second, actually.
{1641}{1734}The T'Kumbra has been in combat|for over six months.
{1737}{1810}Being behind the lines|will be a welcome change.
{1813}{1901}This isn't exactly safe.|We've seen our share of action.
{1925}{1995}Of course you have.


{168}{254}Before yesterday,|l'd never set foot on this station,
{257}{347}but it's as familiar to me|as the back of my hand.
{390}{452}lsn't that odd?
{485}{552}You have no idea who l am, do you?
{592}{646}l didn't think so.
{673}{743}Thanks for listening anyway.
{2148}{2216}l was killed here.
{2219}{2265}l mean, Jadzia was.
{2370}{2432}l try not to think about that.
{2458}{2530}lf l did, l'm not sure l could come here.
{2586}{2661}lt's a strange sensation, dying.
{2680}{2791}No matter how many times it happens|to you, you never get used to it.
{2865}{2991}lt must be a little disconcerting for you,|knowing that l have Jadzia's memories.
{2994}{3053}No wonder you're uncomfortable.
{3085}{3189}- lt's a lot to get used to.|- Tell me about it.
{3260}{3344}Well...l'll let you get to your prayers.
{3739}{3806}- Bloodwine.|- That's the good stuff.
{3809}{3870}l served it|when you and Worf got married.
{3907}{3982}lt smells awful.
{3985}{4091}- lt used to be your favourite.|- l used t

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