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Podnapisi :: Star trek DS9 Season 7 E15-26

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star trek DS9 Season 7 E15-26 v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 173.346 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{41}{110}- Sure l remember 'The Alamo'.|- Told you.
{113}{190}Laurence Harvey,|John Wayne as Davy Crockett.
{193}{268}Great battle scenes,|nice sets, but way too long.
{271}{359}- Not the movie.|- We mean our holosuite program.
{362}{423}Oh, that Alamo. What about it?
{426}{500}We've booked a holosuite.|Like to join us?
{514}{586}l'm touched by the offer,|but l don't know.
{589}{690}- We can transfer your matrix.|- You gotta leave Vegas sometimes.
{693}{774}- True, but l'm afraid l have to say no.|- Why?
{777}{887}l don't look good in buckskin.|l'll tell you what, though.
{890}{981}How about a little tune|to get you into a Texas state of mind?
{1622}{1694}Get him off!
{1957}{2035}Come on! Step down!
{2227}{2281}Oh, honey!
{2374}{2428}Show me!
{2655}{2740}- What the hell...?|- What is all this?
{2743}{2824}Maybe it's a fault|in the holosuite parameter file.
{2827}{2919}Well, look who's here.|The pretty boy singer himself.
{2944}{3028}Frankie Eyes.|W


{48}{117}All right. Next item. ltem seven.
{120}{189}Warbird repair and maintenance.|Senator?
{192}{321}Repairs on our ships have continually|been delayed in favour of other vessels.
{324}{396}The Dividices and the Genorex|have waited three weeks
{399}{498}while a dozen Klingon ships|have been given priority.
{501}{619}l plan the schedule according to which|ships have the greatest need.
{622}{703}Odd that the Klingons|always have the greatest need.
{706}{818}They are more damaged because|Klingon warships are relentless.
{821}{870}Relentless or reckless?
{873}{1008}- The fight must be taken to the enemy.|- We're not here to debate tactics.
{1011}{1091}When can you have|those warbirds in a docking bay?
{1094}{1146}l could bring them in tomorrow
{1149}{1238}and delay repairs to the Hornet|and the Rotarran.
{1241}{1338}Someone will have to tell General|Martok why his flagship was bumped.
{1341}{1432}Worf, you just volunteered|for that assignment.
{1435}{1516}This brings up the questio


{68}{150}There are a few|wild moba trees here,
{153}{248}and a creek that runs through|the meadows and into the forest.
{252}{325}- Nice spot, huh?|- Bajor, right?
{328}{432}The Kendra province, south of the|Yolja river. l was there the other day.
{435}{510}- l thought you went to Rakantha.|- l did.
{513}{605}But afterwards Vedek Oram|wanted me to visit his monastery.
{608}{679}We took a transport|across the mountains.
{682}{732}The sun was just going down
{735}{828}and the entire valley|was shimmering in the light.
{861}{939}And l said to myself,
{942}{1074}'This is the place. This is where|l'm going to build my house.'
{1114}{1237}- l've heard you talk that way before.|- No, this is not just talk.
{1240}{1359}As of this morning,|all of this land belongs to me.
{1379}{1440}- You're serious?|- Twelve hecapates.
{1443}{1555}l'm going to start building|as soon as the war is over.
{1558}{1685}We'll have a place we can visit|any time we want.
{1688}{1811}- Sounds good to me.|- Mayb


{53}{143}Last time on|'Star Trek - Deep Space Nine':
{176}{265}The Rotarran and the Koraga|were ambushed by a Dominion patrol.
{268}{335}- Worf was on the Koraga.|- lt didn't make it.
{338}{416}- Let's get married.|- Do you mean it?
{419}{457}l love you.
{460}{596}- Does Weyoun know you're here?|- l see he still has you under his thumb.
{599}{689}We have a problem.|lt's Ezri. There's a runabout missing.
{692}{761}She must have gone looking for Worf.
{785}{849}They're coming in behind us.
{950}{1009}How is the vaccine progressing?
{1012}{1107}l regret that it failed to stabilise|the last sample you provided.
{1110}{1167}l can't believe l'm stuck here with you.
{1170}{1276}Perhaps you would rather be back|on the station with Captain Boday.
{1474}{1575}That surgeon you recommended|does excellent work.
{1690}{1761}Your path is a difficult one.
{1764}{1824}She cannot share it with you.
{1827}{1970}- l want to spend my life with her.|- lf you do, you will know only sorrow.


{39}{100}Last time on|'Star Trek - Deep Space Nine'...
{103}{183}This is intolerable!|We are caged up like animals!
{315}{385}Stop it!
{507}{557}We meet at last.
{588}{667}Gifts? How thoughtful.
{684}{739}You should be honoured.
{742}{804}You're witnessing an historic moment.
{807}{928}The birth of the alliance|between the Dominion and the Breen.
{931}{1025}And now, the continuation...
{1056}{1143}We will secure the prisoners below.|They will share a cell.
{1146}{1228}They may wish|to physically comfort each other
{1231}{1292}on the long trip back to Cardassia.
{1295}{1400}l find inter-species mating rituals|fascinating to watch.
{1656}{1707}lnteresting device.
{1710}{1780}l am so sorry.|Where are my manners?
{1783}{1874}Let me introduce Legate Damar,|leader of the Cardassian Union.
{1877}{1918}- Thot Gor.|- Thot.
{1921}{1988}The equivalent of a legate, isn't it?
{2047}{2092}What did he say?
{2095}{2182}He says you need to have|your universal translator adjusted.


{252}{333}- l never doubted you'd be back.|- Nor did l.
{336}{426}Don't believe him. He was|Mr Doom And Gloom all the time.
{429}{492}- l was concerned.|- We were all concerned.
{495}{599}Your wellbeing was a constant source|of conversation and speculation.
{602}{652}l told you they'd miss us.
{655}{707}- Who won the betting pool?|- Morn.
{710}{831}He only missed your arrival time by|two hours. l don't know how he does it.
{834}{886}- Mr Worf.|- Captain.
{889}{1042}l know what you're going to say. l left|the station and lost a runabout, but...
{1045}{1095}We'll evaluate your actions later.
{1098}{1205}l'd like to know everything you know|about this Breen-Dominion Alliance.
{1208}{1276}We have very little information to share.
{1279}{1378}Weyoun and the others preferred|asking questions to answering them.
{1381}{1455}Why did Damar help you escape?
{1458}{1553}l'm not sure, but l can tell you one thing.|He hates Weyoun.
{1556}{1609}The Cardassians are a proud peo


{156}{212}We stumbled on it by accident.
{215}{289}At Chin'toka,|our entire fleet was disabled
{292}{383}when the Breen engaged|their energy-dampening weapon.
{386}{505}311 ships, Federation, Romulan,|and Klingon, all lost power.
{508}{601}But one didn't -|a bird-of-prey called the Ki'tang.
{604}{697}- What was different about the Ki'tang?|- We're not sure.
{700}{832}Just prior to the engagement, their chief|engineer adjusted the tritium intermix
{835}{899}to compensate|for a warp core problem.
{902}{1004}l've ordered every Klingon ship|to adjust its reactor the same way.
{1007}{1077}Our vessels are of a different design.
{1080}{1142}Can this technique|be adapted for them?
{1145}{1245}Unfortunately, no. Your ships|are still vulnerable, and so are ours.
{1248}{1330}l've sent all we know|to the Romulan Ministry of Science
{1333}{1383}and to Starfleet Engineering.
{1386}{1483}But it will be a while before|they can find a way to protect our ships.
{1486}{1541}Thank you, Mr O'Brien.


{324}{442}Right there. The explosion|began at the intercooler matrix.
{445}{546}Your men should have planted the|bomb at the secondary plasma relay.
{549}{602}The ship was still destroyed.
{605}{679}The intercooler|was the obvious choice for sabotage.
{682}{776}Their security could have found|the bomb before the ship left orbit.
{779}{852}- But they didn't.|- That isn't the point.
{855}{939}Your men ignored their instructions|and their training.
{942}{1019}Let's not forget|that the mission was a success.
{1022}{1145}lt was a success because Jem'Hadar|security slipped up and we got lucky.
{1148}{1221}Only use those men|for routine reconnaissance.
{1224}{1314}They're my best men! Bronok|is one of the most experienced...
{1317}{1380}You've been told before...|no names.
{1383}{1477}Every cell has to be insulated|from the cell above and below.
{1480}{1573}lf l know the names of your men|and l'm captured...
{1576}{1681}- l've heard the lecture.|- So you shouldn't need reminding!


{70}{184}Chief medical officer's log,|stardate 52645.7.
{187}{289}Colonel Kira, Garak and Odo|have returned to the station.
{292}{424}l'm yet to make any progress toward|finding a cure for Odo's disease.
{482}{584}- How long do l have?|- l can't be sure.
{587}{660}You can make an educated guess.
{663}{781}First l'd like to talk about slowing down|the progress of the disease
{784}{834}with a series of nadion bursts...
{837}{905}l want a time frame, Doctor.
{928}{1015}A week.|Maybe two with the nadion therapy.
{1018}{1132}Thank you. Now l want to see Kira.
{1135}{1279}Let me emphasise, Odo, that l haven't|given up hope, and you mustn't either.
{1282}{1406}Understood.|Now please let me see Kira.
{2004}{2081}- How do you feel?|- Better.
{2084}{2212}This contraption of Julian's|seems to alleviate the pain.
{2313}{2405}- You should be going soon.|- l'm not going anywhere.
{2408}{2478}Damar and Garak|can lead the rebellion.
{2481}{2652}Damar needs someone who's actual


{164}{249}- Anything yet?|- She's running a little late.
{252}{324}This is no way to start a relationship.
{327}{442}- Hi, Ezri.|- How's Odo?
{445}{514}He shows no sign|of the changeling disease.
{517}{594}- l believe he's cured.|- That's great.
{662}{741}l'm going to discharge him|this afternoon.
{774}{848}- That's...that's really great.|- Yeah.
{981}{1115}l don't get it. He's interested,|she's interested. What's the problem?
{1118}{1279}He is an overgrown child|and she is very confused.
{1282}{1355}lt could still work.
{1358}{1408}She's here.
{1460}{1517}On screen.
{1627}{1693}l didn't know we were getting|another Defiant-class ship.
{1696}{1772}That's what happens|when you miss staff meetings.
{1775}{1901}- Looks just like her.|- Let's hope she fights like her.
{2032}{2093}All hands, attention to orders.
{2096}{2165}From Starfleet Headquarters,|Office of the Admiralty,
{2168}{2231}to Captain Benjamin L Sisko.
{2234}{2307}As of this date,|you are requested and required


{77}{151}- The time is 0500.|- Yeah, all right.
{256}{327}- Julian.|- Yes?
{330}{418}- We have to get up.|- Are you sure?
{421}{489}lt's a big day.
{492}{550}lt was a big night.
{643}{761}- lt cleared up a lot of questions.|- Such as?
{764}{864}Such as just how far|these spots go down.
{902}{1008}- l suppose you'll want to tell Miles.|- Why would l do that?
{1011}{1071}Because you tell him everything.
{1074}{1174}True, but in this case...
{1234}{1284}...l'll make an exception.
{1400}{1484}We should get up. We don't want|the Defiant leaving without us.
{1487}{1601}l've never been into battle|with someone l've slept with.
{1604}{1664}There's a first time for everything.
{1667}{1729}Now that we're finally together,
{1732}{1854}it would be such a shame|if something happened to one of us.
{1857}{1941}Let's make a pact.|We both come home alive.
{1944}{2003}You've got yourself a deal.
{2032}{2104}l'm holding you to that.
{2247}{2339}Don't forget Kirayoshi's checkup

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