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Podnapisi :: Star Trek - First Contract

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star Trek - First Contract v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 20.797 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{5233}{5383}I am Locutus of Borg.|Resistance is futile.
{6338}{6417}Authorisation: Picard 47-AT.
{6423}{6524}- Did I catch you at a bad time?|- No, Admiral, of course not.
{6530}{6677}I've just heard that our colony on|Ivor Prime has been destroyed.
{6683}{6765}- Long-range sensors...|- Yes, I know. The Borg.
{6863}{6963}Captain's log: Stardate 50893.5.
{6969}{7075}The moment I have dreaded for|nearly six years has finally arrived.
{7081}{7222}The Borg, our lethal enemy, have|begun an invasion of the Federation.
{7228}{7314}This time|there may be no stopping them.
{7320}{7405}- How many ships?|- One, on a direct course for Earth.
{7412}{7532}They'll be in Federation space soon.|Admiral Hayes is mobilising a fleet.
{7538}{7632}- It will take us three hours...|- We're not going.
{7638}{7744}- What do you mean?|- We're to patrol the Neutral Zone.
{7750}{7873}In case the Romulans decide|to take advantage of the situation.
{7879}{8039}There has been no unusual activity|along the

{32}{151}You're standing on the exact spot|where your statue is going to be.
{217}{346}It's marble, about 20 metres tall.|You're looking up at the sky.
{352}{452}Your hand|is reaching toward the future.
{458}{538}I've got to take a leak.
{544}{654}Leak? I'm not detecting any leak.
{660}{745}Don't you people|from the 24th century ever pee?
{751}{833}Oh, leak! I get it.
{839}{982}- That's pretty funny.|- Excuse me.
{1240}{1339}Reports of my assimilation|are greatly exaggerated.
{1345}{1445}I found something you lost.
{1487}{1601}- I am a Klingon.|- Mr Worf, report.
{1607}{1759}The Borg control over half the ship.|There's no power to the bridge.
{1765}{1888}I've accessed|a Borg neural processor.
{1894}{2007}They're transforming the deflector|dish into an interplexing beacon
{2013}{2155}to establish a link with the Borg|living in the 21st century.
{2161}{2239}But the Borg|are still in the Delta Quadrant.
{2245}{2400}They'll send rein

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