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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Star Trek 7 - Generations ang.txt

{4388}{4521}How does it feel to be back|on the Enterprise bridge, Captain Kirk?.
{4549}{4688}- How do you feel?|- Excuse me.
{4694}{4773}There will be time|for questions later.
{4779}{4878}I'm Captain John Harriman|and I'd like to welcome you aboard.
{4884}{5048}We're excited to have a group of living|legends with us on our maiden voyage.
{5054}{5163}- I read about you in grade school.|- Oh, really?.
{5220}{5369}- May we have a look around?|- Please.
{5487}{5615}This is the first Enterprise without|you in command. What is that like?
{5621}{5741}- I'm glad to send her on her way.|- What have you been doing?
{5747}{5904}- Keeping busy.|- Give him a chance to look around.
{6098}{6177}Captain ...
{6213}{6313}I'd like you to meet the helmsman|of the Enterprise-B. Demora?
{6332}{6420}Ensign Demora Sulu.
{6453}{6578}It's a pleasure to meet you. My father's|told me interesting stories about you.
{6584}{6785}- You father is Hikaru Sulu?|- You've met her before. 12 years ago.

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