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Podnapisi :: Star Trek Nemesis

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star Trek Nemesis v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 27.114 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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StarTrek - Nemesis - CD1.txt

{2387}{2430}Senators, consider
{2431}{2487}the opportunities|for the Empire.
{2488}{2557}At last, the destinies|of the planets
{2558}{2619}Romulus and Remus|will be united.
{2620}{2658}Shinzon of Remus is offering us
{2659}{2703}a chance|to make ourselves stronger
{2704}{2747}than ever before.
{2748}{2820}lt would be madness|to reject it.
{2821}{2909}l beg you not to let|prejudice or politics
{2910}{2972}interfere with this Alliance.
{2974}{3044}By joining Shinzon's|forces with ours,
{3046}{3125}not even the Federation will|be able to stand in our way.
{3126}{3153}That's enough!
{3154}{3205}The decision has been made.
{3206}{3291}The military does not|dictate policy on Romulus.
{3292}{3338}The Senate has considered
{3339}{3374}Shinzon's proposal|and rejected it.
{3375}{3437}He and his followers will be met
{3438}{3483}with all deliberate force|and sent back
{3484}{3547}to that black rock|they came from.
{3548}{3591}Do l make myself clear?
{3628}{3691}Yes, sir.
{3908}{3973}lf you will exc

StarTrek - Nemesis - CD2.txt

{0}{106}My life is meaningless|as long as you're still alive.
{143}{232}What am l while you exist?
{233}{267}A shadow?
{268}{302}An echo?
{303}{366}lf your issues are with me,|then deal with me.
{367}{417}This has nothing to do|with my ship--
{418}{465}nothing to do|with the Federation.
{466}{496}Oh, but it does.
{497}{592}We will no longer bow|before anyone as slaves
{593}{682}not the Romulans|and not your mighty Federation.
{683}{797}We are a race bred for war
{798}{854}and conquest.
{855}{938}Are you ready to plunge|the entire Quadrant into war
{939}{998}to satisfy|your own personal demons?
{999}{1066}lt amazes me|how little you know yourself.
{1067}{1121}l'm incapable of such an act!
{1122}{1174}You are me.
{1243}{1402}The same noble Picard blood|runs through our veins.
{1435}{1486}Had you lived my life,|you'd be doing exactly as l am.
{1567}{1626}So look in the mirror.
{1627}{1662}See yourself.
{1723}{1799}Consider that, Captain.
{1800}{1880}l can think of no greater|torment for you

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 Star Trek Nemesis (2002)

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