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Podnapisi :: Star Trek - The Final Frontier

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star Trek - The Final Frontier v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 20.909 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{2515}{2632}I thought weapons were forbidden|on this planet.
{2851}{2981}..I can't believe you'd kill me|for a field of empty holes.
{3035}{3089}It's all I have.
{3651}{3755}- Your pain runs deep.|- What do you know of my pain?
{3761}{3860}Let us explore it...together.
{3866}{3941}Each man hides a secret pain.
{3947}{4042}It must be exposed and reckoned with.
{4048}{4158}It must be dragged|from the darkness into the light.
{4164}{4270}Share your pain.|Share your pain with me
{4276}{4348}and gain strength from the sharing.
{4804}{4865}Where did you get this power?.
{4968}{5041}The power was within you.
{5141}{5237}It is as if a weight|has been lifted from my heart.
{5243}{5357}- How can I repay you?|- Join my quest.
{5363}{5480}- What is it you seek?.|- What you seek.
{5555}{5668}What all men have sought|since time began.
{5702}{5766}The ultimate knowledge.
{5806}{5872}To find it we need a starship.
{5878}{5981}A starship? There are|no starships on Nimbus Ill.


{764}{864}You could have warned me.|There's got to be a way out.
{870}{984}- This new brig is escape-proof.|- How do you know?.
{990}{1118}The designers tested it using the most|intelligent person they could find.
{1123}{1237}- He failed to escape.|- Did this person have pointed ears?
{1242}{1362}And an unerring capacity|for getting his shipmates into trouble?
{1432}{1464}He did have pointed ears.
{1595}{1744}- Following new course. Warp 7.|- Arrival in 6.7 hours at present speed.
{1795}{1911}Now that we're underway, I'll announce|my intentions to the rest of the ship.
{1934}{2086}Brave crew ofthe starship Enterprise,|consider the questions ofexistence.
{2092}{2259}Questions that man has asked since|he first gazed at the stars and dreamed.
{2265}{2358}My Vulcan ancestors|were ruled by their emotions.
{2364}{2432}They felt with their hearts.
{2438}{2562}They made love with their hearts.|They believed with their hearts.
{2568}{2738}And they believed in a place

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