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Podnapisi :: Star Trek - The Motion Picture (Directors Edition)

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Star Trek 1 - I The Motion Picture - Director's Edition (1979).ac3.cd1.E-Male.ShareReactor.sub

{8659}{8708}(speaks Klingonese) TACTICAL...
{10517}{10627}This is comm station Epsilon IX,|calling USS Columbia.
{10631}{10693}Come in, Columbia. Respond, please.
{10697}{10740}(inaudible reply)
{10842}{10927}This is Epsilon IX.|Am boosting output.
{10931}{10977}How read you this?
{11047}{11243}Scout Columbia NCC-621 to rendezvous|with Scout Revere NCC-595
{11247}{11328}on stardate 741 1.4.
{11332}{11398}Further orders|to be relayed at that time.
{11402}{11463}Signed, Commodore Probert,|Starfleet.
{11467}{11504}End of transmission.
{11692}{11780}Our sensor drone is intercepting this|on Quad L-1 4.
{11784}{11858}That's in Klingon boundaries.|Who are they fighting?
{11863}{11905}Unknown, sir.
{11937}{11980}I have an exterior visual.
{12852}{12880}(speaks Klingonese)
{13748}{13823}We've plotted a course on that cloud,|Commander.

Star Trek 1 - I The Motion Picture - Director's Edition (1979).ac3.cd2.E-Male.ShareReactor.sub

{1169}{1253}Transmit image to Starfleet.|Attempt communication.
{1257}{1325}Unable to make contact|with Starfleet.
{1329}{1442}Any attempt to transmit out|of the cloud is being reflected back.
{1643}{1714}(Sulu)|We're closing on it rapidly, Captain.
{1895}{1972}Reduce magnification factor four,|Mr Sulu.
{1976}{2036}We're already|two settings below that.
{2129}{2236}Mr Sulu,...|bring us into a parallel course
{2240}{2341}over the alien at 500 metres.
{2345}{2384}500 metres?
{2416}{2523}Then take us out to 1 00 kilometres,|adjusting parallel course.
{2563}{2586}Aye, sir.
{5151}{5240}- Viewer astern.|- Reverse angle on the viewer.
{5488}{5511}500 metres.
{5538}{5581}Viewer ahead, sir.
{8363}{8423}Hold relative position here.
{8753}{8801}(loud drone)
{9374}{9422}Mr Spock!
{9426}{9488}Can that be one of their crew?
{9502}{9567}A probe from their vessel, Captain.
{9571}{9621}Plasma-energy combination.
{9679}{9720}Don't interfere with it!
{9724}{9788}Absolutely, I will not i

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