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Podnapisi :: Star Trek - The Search For Spock

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star Trek - The Search For Spock v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 23.663 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Star Trek 3 - The Search For Spock [CD-1] -[AC3] -[AMC] .srt

{539}{613}Don't grieve,|Admiral.
{655}{710}It is logical.
{792}{877}The needs|of the many outweigh...
{928}{1000}the needs of the few.
{1002}{1047}Or the one.
{1049}{1099}And I have been
{1101}{1159}and always shall be
{1161}{1218}your friend.
{1279}{1313}Live long...
{1354}{1391}and prosper.
{1508}{1566}We are assembled|here today
{1568}{1662}to pay final respects|to our honored dead.
{1696}{1783}This death takes place|in the shadow of new life,
{1785}{1843}the sunrise|of a new world,
{1845}{1889}a world|our beloved comrade
{1891}{1948}gave his life to protect|and nourish.
{1954}{2012}He did not feel|this sacrifice
{2014}{2063}a vain or empty one.
{2129}{2199}Of my friend,|I can only say this.
{2293}{2375}Of all the souls|I have encountered
{2377}{2423}in my travels,
{2425}{2465}his was the most...
{2645}{2729}Honors, hup!
{3179}{3296}Space, the final frontier.
{3298}{3362}These are|the continuing voyages
{3363}{3446}of the Starship Enterprise.
{3447}{3482}Her on

Star Trek 3 - The Search For Spock [CD-2] -[AC3] -[AMC] .srt

{63}{136}Well, did I|get it right?
{138}{210}Great, Bones,|just great.
{949}{1042}It's time for total|truth between us.
{1044}{1114}This planet is not|what you intended
{1116}{1168}or hoped for, is it?
{1170}{1238}Not exactly.
{1286}{1392}I used protomatter|in the Genesis matrix.
{1424}{1458}An unstable substance
{1460}{1518}which every ethical scientist|in the galaxy
{1520}{1576}has denounced as|dangerously unpredictable.
{1577}{1656}It was the only way|to solve certain problems.
{1657}{1770}So, like your father,|you changed the rules.
{1772}{1806}If I hadn't,
{1808}{1888}it might have|been years or never.
{1890}{1975}How many have paid the price|for your impatience?
{1977}{2026}How many have died?
{2028}{2095}How much damage|have you done?
{2097}{2140}And what is|yet to come?
{4869}{4916}This planet's aging|in surges.
{4918}{4961}And Spock with it.
{4963}{5009}It seems|they' rejoined together.
{5011}{5039}They are.
{5041}{5095}How long?

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