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Podnapisi :: Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.845 bitov v zip obliki.

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Star Trek 6 - The Undiscovered Country [CD-1] -[AC3] -[AMC] .srt

{5096}{5181}Stardate 9521.6.
{5187}{5305}Captain's log U.S.S. Excelsior.|Hikaru Sulu commanding.
{5311}{5427}After three years I've concluded my first|assignment as master of this vessel-
{5433}{5546}- cataloguing gaseous planetary|anomalies in Beta Quadrant.
{5575}{5647}We're heading home|under full impulse power.
{5653}{5717}I'm pleased to report that ship and|crew have functioned well.
{5722}{5825}According to this, we've completed|our survey of the entire sector.
{6110}{6172}I have an energy wave at|240 degrees mark six port.
{6248}{6304}My... God!
{6401}{6437}Shields. Shields!
{6688}{6727}She's not answering her helm.
{6733}{6800}Starboard thrusters.|Turn her into the wave.
{6901}{6960}Go to impulse power.
{7121}{7209}- Damage report.|- Checking all systems.
{7372}{7441}- That was no meteor shower.|- Negative, sir.
{7447}{7560}The sub-space shock-wave|originated at bearing 323.75.
{7566}{7663}Location... It's Praxis, sir.|It's a Klingon moon.
{7669}{7766}Praxis is th

Star Trek 6 - The Undiscovered Country [CD-2] -[AC3] -[AMC] .srt

{1}{83}- and you will die.
{2129}{2183}Oh, my God!
{2288}{2411}The universal translator|has been confiscated.
{2417}{2461}I'm sorry...?
{2567}{2643}He's definitely on about something, Jim.
{2752}{2788}If this is your spot, we'll move on.
{2826}{2892}He wants your obedience to|the Brotherhood of Aliens.
{2898}{2951}- He's got it.|- And your coat.
{2957}{3003}I'm afraid not. It wouldn't fit.
{3379}{3480}- Thanks.|- This will help keep you warm.
{3512}{3654}- I'm Martia. You're Kirk and McCoy.|- How did you know that?
{3660}{3714}We don't get many|presidential assassins.
{3720}{3812}- We didn't kill Gorkon.|- Of course not.
{3818}{3891}- But there's a reward for your death.|- That figures.
{3915}{3955}We've been set up.
{3961}{4038}Somebody up there|wants you out of the way.
{4220}{4258}- Any progress?|- None.
{4264}{4388}A crew of 300 are looking everywhere,|but the killers may still be among them.
{4394}{4476}Surely they have disposed of|these boots by now.
{4482}{4550}Would it not have been

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