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Podnapisi :: Star Trek - The Voyage Home

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star Trek - The Voyage Home v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 35.596 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Star Trek 4 - The Voyage

{4782}{4840}What do you make of it?
{4890}{4949}It appears to be a probe, Captain,
{4951}{5010}from an intelligence unknown to us.
{5012}{5068}Continue transmitting|universal peace and hello
{5070}{5104}in all known languages.
{5106}{5148}Get me Starfleet command.
{5150}{5194}Ready, captain.
{5196}{5266}Starfleet command,|this is U.S.S. Saratoga
{5268}{5314}patrolling sector five,|neutral zone.
{5316}{5374}We're tracking a probe|of unknown origin
{5376}{5410}on apparent trajectory
{5412}{5451}to the Terran solar system.
{5453}{5512}Attempts to communicate with the probe
{5514}{5571}have been negative on|all known frequencies.
{5572}{5602}Continue tracking.
{5604}{5644}We will analyze transmissions|and advise.
{5646}{5680}Roger, Starfleet.
{5682}{5708}Saratoga out.
{6746}{6819}There. Hold the image.
{6861}{6920}Behold the quintessential devil
{6922}{6956}in these ma

Star Trek 4 - The Voyage

{1}{99}This is a fine place|you have here, Dr. Nichols.
{101}{123}Thank you.
{125}{159}Your knowledge of engineering
{161}{187}is most impressive.
{189}{263}Back home we call him|"The miracle worker."
{265}{335}Indeed. May I offer you|something, gentlemen?
{337}{419}I might be able to offer|something to you.
{457}{510}I noticed you're still|working with polymers.
{536}{595}What else would I|be working with?
{597}{647}Aye, what else, indeed.
{649}{687}I'll put it another way.
{689}{771}How thick would a piece|of your plexiglass
{773}{843}need to be at 60' x 1 0'
{845}{879}to withstand the pressure
{881}{931}of 1 8,000 cubic feet of water?
{933}{983}That's easy. 6 inches.
{985}{1026}We stock that size.
{1028}{1067}I have noticed.
{1069}{1103}Now, suppose...
{1105}{1139}just suppose...
{1141}{1187}I were to show you
{1189}{1271}a way to manufacture a wall
{1273}{1329}that would do the same job
{1331}{1421}but be only 1 inch thick?
{1422}{1509}Would that b

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