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Podnapisi :: Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 28.273 bitov v zip obliki.

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Star Trek 2 - The Wrath Of Khan [CD-1] -[AC3] -[AMC] .sub

{4310}{4402}Captain's Log:|Stardate 8130.3.
{4404}{4474}Starship Enterprise|on training mission
{4476}{4547}to Gamma Hydra,|Section 14,
{4548}{4595}coordinates 2222-87-4.
{4596}{4686}Approaching neutral zone.
{4687}{4761}All systems normal|and functioning.
{4763}{4821}Leaving Section 14|for Section 15.
{4823}{4870}Stand by.
{4872}{4955}Project parabolic course|to avoid entering neutral zone.
{4957}{4979}Aye, Captain.
{5036}{5079}Course change projected.
{5081}{5115}Captain,|I'm getting something
{5117}{5149}on the distress channel.
{5151}{5189}On speakers.
{5222}{5262}This is Kobayashi Maru.
{5264}{5372}We've struck a gravitic mine|and have lost power.
{5374}{5444}Our hull is penetrated|and we have sustained...
{5446}{5501}This is the starship|Enterprise.
{5503}{5561}Your message|is breaking up.
{5563}{5609}Can you give us your|coordinates?
{5611}{5693}Our position is Gamma Hydra,|Section 10.
{5695}{5741}In the neutral zone.
{5743}{5772}Hull penetrated.

Star Trek 2 - The Wrath Of Khan [CD-2] -[AC3] -[AMC] .srt

{40}{74}Phasers on stun.
{170}{193}Move out.
{2041}{2085}Well, rigor hasn't set in.
{2086}{2159}This couldn't have happened|too long ago, Jim.
{2193}{2263}This is Enterprise|calling Space Lab Regula-1 .
{2265}{2289}Respond, please.
{2291}{2362}Admiral. Over here.
{2363}{2417}Dr. Marcus,|come in, please.
{3013}{3047}Oh, my God.
{3049}{3095}Please acknowledge signal.|Please-
{3097}{3167}Commander Uhura,|this is Lieutenant Saavik.
{3168}{3262}We're all right.|Please standby. Out.
{3281}{3353}Oh, sir,|it was Khan.
{3355}{3424}We found him|on Ceti Alpha V.
{3425}{3448}Easy. Easy.
{3473}{3592}he put creatures|in our bodies
{3594}{3662}to control our minds.
{3664}{3734}It's all right.|You're safe now.
{3736}{3782}Made us say lies...
{3784}{3818}do things...
{3820}{3866}but we beat him.
{3868}{3974}He thought he controlled us,|but he did not.
{3976}{4010}The Captain was strong.

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