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Podnapisi :: Sum Of All Fears

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Sum Of All Fears v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 29.087 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Sum Of All Fears/Sum Of All Fears Part 1.sub

{7714}{7753}{y:i}You sure it's the Russians?
{7756}{7802}One hundred percent, sir.|Submarine launched...
{7804}{7897}12 to 15 megatons, and they went|to strike status 15 minutes prior.
{7899}{7952}CINC-LANT reports the Roosevelt|splashed six incoming cruise missiles.
{7954}{8000}The Russians are moving|west through Poland.
{8002}{8057}If they head for Germany,|the Berlin Brigade is outnumbered.
{8129}{8201}We've got another launch|from Alyesk, Central Russia.
{8203}{8257}I don't believe it.|What the hell's in Alyesk?
{8259}{8372}SS-18 ICBMs. Probable targets...|New York, Washington, here.
{8374}{8436}- How good is this ceiling?|- Anything but a direct hit.
{8438}{8496}Satellites confirm birds|in the air... multiple launches.
{8498}{8565}- First impact estimated 25 minutes.|- How do we know that's accurate?
{8567}{8601}It's accurate.
{8603}{8651}Sir, I advise we go to DEFCON-1.
{8654}{8709}- Get President Zorkin on the hot line.|- Zorkin is missing.
{8711}{8781}We have reports of a

Sum Of All Fears/Sum Of All Fears Part 2.sub

{204}{229}Yeah? Cabot.
{232}{260}It's Ryan.
{338}{391}The bomb is in play!
{393}{441}{y:i}Dillon's called the AFRA Tteam.
{444}{533}They're meeting me at the docks in|20 minutes to see if we can find it.
{536}{568}Docks? What docks?
{571}{620}- Baltimore.|{y:i}- You're breaking up.
{622}{656}What did you say?
{697}{746}I'm losing you.|I'll call you back...
{1497}{1543}John! Reggie!
{1545}{1592}- Let's go! Let's go!|- Excuse me! Excuse me!
{1594}{1640}Let's go! Let's go!
{1703}{1728}Step back!
{1860}{1929}Go, go, go, go! Move! Move!
{2132}{2184}- What's going on?|- Sir, stay down.
{2186}{2240}The Russian scientists|have been working on a bomb.
{2242}{2288}Nuclear. It arrived|in Baltimore this morning.
{2290}{2356}- Get those people out of the stadium!|- We're on it! Stay down!
{2904}{2984}{y:i}All we know is,|{y:i}the president has been taken off...
{2986}{3032}- All set.|- Thanks,J.J.
{4172}{4255}{y:i}Clearly so

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