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Podnapisi :: Talvisota (Winter War)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Talvisota (Winter War) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.593 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 3

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{894}{1093}Oh Jesus Christ have mercy
{1119}{1318}Once I must depart
{1344}{1568}But when and in what way
{1569}{1768}You only know
{1818}{2018}It is withheld from me
{2043}{2267}But for you it's clear
{2268}{2493}You counted the days of my life
{2544}{2744}In you Jesus
{2792}{2994}My soul is praised here
{3018}{3244}You give me your rest
{3267}{3469}When the body weakens and dies
{3494}{3719}Your young precious blood...
{3818}{3943}Can you stay close to our Matti?|The Russians can't harm him.
{3968}{4044}It's not like you think over there.
{4142}{4217}What's it like, then?
{4218}{4319}It's like... can't explain.
{4869}{4969}It's time Paavo|started heading home.
{4994}{5069}Mother don't...|Who knows when we'll meet again.
{5218}{5344}I've always been|good enough for leaving.
{5593}{5742}They're doing the same everywhere....|Trying to dig their way in close.
{5743}{5794}Take extra care, now.
{6069}{6218}Some of them pretended to attack|while the others were digging, Sir.


{2901}{2952}Try to look after Paavo.
{2975}{3025}I'll try.
{3026}{3127}If anyone can look|after each other.
{3127}{3276}Who knows, they might let us go...|reach an agreement.
{3700}{3825}We could have walked.|-Nobody walks to war from our house.
{4301}{4352}Starring|Taneli M?kel?
{4425}{4476}In Pekka Parikka's film
{4500}{4625}THE WINTER WAR
{4801}{4925}Screenplay adapted by|Antti Tuuri and Pekka Parikka
{6677}{6800}They promised us proper gear.|-The army doesn't have any.
{6902}{7027}Martti, you and Paavo only need|footrags and underwear.
{7050}{7125}We got those, too.|-Take a pair anyway.
{7126}{7177}I'd prefer a fur hat like that.
{7200}{7275}Too goddamn tight.|-These are all too small.
{7401}{7500}They should've given me a cannon.|-What for?
{7501}{7625}To have a bit fun.|-Wrong time for fun now.
{7626}{7702}Korpela, it's your squad's turn.
{7751}{7850}Okay, guys, now try to line up.
{7875}{8025}I should've joined the Civi

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 Talvisota (Winter War)
 Talvisota (Winter War)

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