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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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That '70s Show s02e06 - Vanstock.txt

0:00:03: Hey dad, can I go to Vanstock with the guys this weekend?
0:00:07: What the hell's a Vanstock?
0:00:11: Well, it's like Woodstock, but, with a greater emphasis on vans.
0:00:17: Sounds stupid. Have a good time.
0:00:25: Oh, then daddy, since Eric is going out of town, can I have his car?
0:00:28: Why? Where are you going?
0:00:30: Excuse me, I was talking to daddy.
0:00:34: I know. Where are you going?
0:00:38: Frat party.
0:00:39: Frat party? No.
0:00:41: But daddy
0:00:42: Look, honey! It's up to Eric.
0:00:45: Really? Well, I mean I guessNO!
0:00:52: Well that's settled, then. Red, what are you gonna do today?
0:00:56: Well, read the want ads, look for a job, then just to break up the day
0:01:00: I thought I'd go down to Recksol, look for some Gold Bond for my athlete's foot.
0:01:05:Any more questions?
0:01:07: Well, oh boy, Red, we've got the big hospital banquet to look foreward to.
0:01:11: Oh, right. Well, then. Screw the Gold Bond, I gotta get my hair do

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