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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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That '70s Show s02e13 - Hunting.txt

0:00:06: Look at this. First day of deer season. | Rabbit season.
0:00:08: Duck season. Rabbit season! | Duck season! Wabbit season! Duck season!
0:00:17: Well, Red, you havent been hunting in ages, not since the accident.
0:00:25: What accident?
0:00:26: A really terrible accident thats none of your business.
0:00:31: Oh, yeah, that one.
0:00:33: You know, why dont you go? It might be fun, get out of the house,
0:00:37:get some fresh air, maybe get out of your lousy damn mood! Sorry.
0:00:45: Id love to go, Kitty, butwe just cant afford it.
0:00:48: Oh, yes we can. I will pack you some food
0:00:52:and a nice box of bullets and youre on your way!
0:00:57: Dad, you could use the Pinsciottis cabin.
0:00:59: Bob has a cabin? Well, isnt that just the cats ass?
0:01:06: Oh, boo hoo, the worlds unfair. Now just ask Bob if you can borrow his cabin.
0:01:12: Ok. Well go. Just us guys.
0:01:18: Uh, mom?
0:01:20: Well, you should go. You dont spend nearly enough time with y

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