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Podnapisi :: The Battle of Algiers

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Battle of Algiers v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 22.452 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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The Battle of Algiers.cd1.txt

{1312}{1426}Couldn't you have talked sooner?
{1737}{1794}So, he's talked, has he?|Does he know where Al's hidden?
{1795}{1813}I reckon so. Let's go see.
{1845}{1880}Give him some coffee.
{1893}{1991}Did you make him sing, Marc?|Yeah.
{2056}{2123}Come on, drink up. It'll do you good.
{2124}{2176}Buck up.
{2294}{2333}Come on, stand up.
{2401}{2454}Don't crowd him. Give him room.
{2484}{2518}At ease.
{2519}{2557}Is it true?|I reckon so.
{2558}{2623}3, Rue des Abderames.|Dress him.
{2648}{2759}Come on, it's all over now.|I assure you.
{2778}{2828}Can you stand?
{2845}{2892}Leave him alone.
{2933}{2982}Put it on.
{3103}{3161}It's for your own good.
{3172}{3285}They'll not recognize you like this|in the Kasbah.
{3300}{3406}Come on, then you can go.|And we'll look after you.
{3407}{3455}Here's a cap.
{3472}{3554}Now you're nationalised.|Idiot.
{3733}{3776}Let's go.
{3947}{4006}Pig-head, let's not start again!
{4007}{4125}Behave or you'll make me look a fool.

The Battle of Algiers.cd2.txt

{154}{270}Murderers! Murderers! Murderers!
{753}{847}January 10th 1957
{1357}{1438}Mr. Lefevre, the Inspector General|of the Administration...
{1439}{1580}...has taken drastic steps|to ensure law and order...
{1581}{1638}...and to protect people and property.
{1649}{1723}In particular to bring|the 10th Para Division into Algiers...
{1725}{1859}...from antiguerrilla operations|on the Kabir plateau.
{1879}{2010}The Commander will take over|responsibility for law...
{2011}{2114}...and order in Algiers using|all civil and military measures...
{2115}{2167}...necessary for the job.
{2241}{2318}Surname: Mathieu.|Christian name: Philippe.
{2320}{2376}Born in Rennes on the 3rd May 1906.
{2382}{2424}Rank: Lieutenant-Colonial.
{2425}{2498}School: Polytechnic.|Degree in Engineering.
{2500}{2557}Campaigns: World War II
{2559}{2675}Resistance Movement in Italy,|Indo-China war and Algeria war.
{2691}{2805}The average during the last

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