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Podnapisi :: The believer

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The believer v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 32.763 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Believer.sub

{1228}{1332}And it came to pass after these things|that God tested Abraham...
{1334}{1394}..and said to him 'Abraham, '...
{1396}{1454}..and Abraham said 'Here I am. '
{1456}{1492}And God said...
{1494}{1600}.. 'Now take your son, your onIy son|whom you Iove, Isaac,...
{1602}{1722}..and go unto the Iand of Moriah|and offer him as a sacrifice...
{1724}{1788}..on a mountain that I wiII show you. '
{1790}{1908}So, everyone,|what's reaIIy going on here?
{1910}{1981}(boy) It was a test of Abraham's faith|and devotion to God.
{1983}{2028}(teacher) Danny?
{2030}{2084}As usuaI you have something to add?
{2086}{2173}(Danny) It's not about his faith,|it's about God's power.
{2175}{2247}God says 'You know how powerfuI I am?'
{2249}{2330}'I can make you do anything I want,|no matter how stupid. '
{2350}{2408}'Even kiII your own son. '
{2410}{2506}'Because I'm everything|and you're nothing. '
{3035}{3096}(train rumbIes)
{7324}{7373}- Hey, yeshiva bocher!|- What?
{7375}{7420}Get up!

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