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Podnapisi :: The Black Adder (Blackadder) (1983)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Black Adder (Blackadder) (1983) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 69.453 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Blackadder/season 1/Blackadder - 1.02 - Born to be King (EN).sub

{492}{596}As the good Lord said:|Love thy neighbour as thyself -
{602}{747}unless he's Turkish,|in which case, kill the bastard!
{859}{975}- Farewell, dear Harry.|- Farewell, Father.
{1492}{1552}My Lord...
{1558}{1650}- ..with the King gone...|- Hmm?
{1656}{1698}Of course!
{1704}{1805}At last, the chance|for some real power!
{1811}{1909}(Laughs fiendishly)
{2916}{2989}I want you scum|back to the castle by sundown
{2995}{3072}or you'll be slaughtered! Onward!
{3078}{3137}Come on! Come on!|(The sheep bleat)
{3143}{3251}Shut up! And you can keep quiet -|I've had enough of you.
{3257}{3335}Shut up!
{3341}{3423}Right, come on, you...|Where are you going?
{3429}{3494}Stop! Where are you going?
{3500}{3575}No, not away from the castle,|towards it!
{3581}{3625}Shut up!
{3631}{3702}Splendid! Splendid!|(Bleating)
{3708}{3853}You're not supposed to be here!|That's far enough. Get out!
{3905}{3997}If I could get my hands|on that bastard Harry!
{4003}{4083}(Harry)|Ah, Edmund!

Blackadder/season 1/Blackadder - 1.03 - The Archbishop (EN).sub

{476}{552}(Feeble voice)|Dying, My Lords?
{558}{612}- Am I dying?|- Never!
{618}{698}- Never!|- Yet, my son,
{704}{772}to pass away the idle hours|till your recovery...
{811}{887}..let us imagine|you were to pass away.
{893}{982}To whom would you leave your lands?
{989}{1035}To me, of course!
{1041}{1145}Ye-es. To my beloved king.
{1151}{1259}May your filthy soul|be prepared for Hell, my son.
{1265}{1321}- Hell??|- Yes, Hell...
{1327}{1375}where Satan belches fire
{1381}{1491}and enormous devils|break wind both night and day.
{1497}{1596}And where the mind is never free|from the torments of remorse,
{1602}{1699}and your bottom never free|from the pricking of little forks.
{1705}{1782}No! Spare me the little forks!
{1788}{1839}What is this nonsense?
{1845}{1967}Hell...where the softest bits|of your nether regions
{1973}{2033}are everybody's favourite lunch.
{2039}{2086}Oh, Christ!
{2092}{2205}Forgive me, sire.|I will change my will
{2211}{2319}and leave my land to the Chu

Blackadder/season 1/Blackadder - 1.05 - Witchsmeller Pursuivant (EN).sub

{275}{383}What about this plague?|Rumours say it's worse than ever.
{389}{497}Now we've found out about the rats,|we'll never have plague again.
{503}{590}They say that a rat a day|keeps the plague away.
{596}{776}- No more plague in our lifetime.|- I hope you're right.
{2372}{2457}- Edmund, I'm glad I've caught you.|- Doing what?
{2463}{2562}I'm afraid Father's|feeling a bit under the weather.
{2568}{2622}Oh, dear. Any idea what?
{2628}{2686}Not sure. I think it's Black Death,
{2692}{2795}but I am sure he'd appreciate|a little visit from you.
{2801}{2909}Well, I'm sure|I can pop my head around the door.
{2915}{3016}Sort of nowish.
{3024}{3076}Mother, would you like to...?
{3082}{3129}No, dear. He won't let me near him.
{3278}{3324}How is he?
{3330}{3403}Well, he's up.
{3409}{3513}We face today the gravest crisis|this country has known
{3519}{3605}- since the Roman invasion!|- (All shout agreement)
{3611}{3660}The King has stirred|and calls for you.

Blackadder/season 1/Blackadder - 1.06 - The Black Seal (EN).sub

{1749}{1862}St Juniper once said,|"By his loins shall ye know him,
{1868}{1961}"and by the length|of his rod shall he be measured."
{1967}{2061}The length of my rod|is a mystery to all but the Queen
{2067}{2165}and a thousand Turkish whores!
{2171}{2291}But the fruits of my loins|are here for all to see.
{2297}{2354}I have two sons -
{2360}{2468}Harry and another one.
{2469}{2579}Step forward, Harry,|Prince of Wales.
{2773}{2874}Harry, I hereby name thee|Captain of the Guard,
{2880}{2969}Grand Warden of the Eastern|and Northern Marches,
{2975}{3040}Chief Lunatic of Gloucester,
{3046}{3118}Viceroy of Wales,|Sheriff of Nottingham,
{3124}{3161}Marquis of the Midlands,
{3167}{3330}Lord Po-maker in Ordinary,|and Harbinger of the Doomed Rat!
{3391}{3471}Step forward, the other one!
{3693}{3748}Thy titles have been but few -
{3754}{3849}Duke of Edinburgh|and Warden of the Royal Privy.
{3855}{3880}It is so, My Lord.
{3886}{3971}We thank thee, Egbert,|for thy work in Edinburgh.
{3977}{4045}We reliev

Blackadder/season 1/Blackadder - 1.01 - The Foretelling (EN).sub

{57}{126}(Narrator)|History has known many liars -
{132}{221}Copernicus, Goebbels,
{227}{277}Saint Ralph the Liar.
{283}{397}But there have been none quite so|vile as the Tudor king, Henry VII.
{403}{513}He rewrote history to portray|his predecessor, Richard III,
{519}{691}as a deformed maniac|who killed his nephews in the Tower.
{697}{816}But the real truth is that Richard|was a kind, thoughtful man
{822}{901}who cherished his young wards.
{907}{979}In particular Richard,|Duke of York,
{985}{1092}who grew into a big, strong boy.
{1098}{1163}Henry claimed he won|the Battle of Bosworth Field,
{1169}{1218}and killed Richard III.
{1224}{1279}Again, the truth is very different.
{1285}{1403}It was Richard, Duke of York, who|became king after Bosworth Field
{1409}{1497}and reigned for 13 glorious years.
{1503}{1563}As for who killed Richard III
{1569}{1625}and how Henry Tudor|escaped with his life,
{1631}{1741}all is revealed in this, the first|chapter of a history never told,
{1747}{1853}the hist

Blackadder/season 1/Blackadder - 1.04 - The Queen of Spain's Beard (EN).sub

{108}{243}(Wind blows,|cat miaows, dog barks)
{587}{708}(Woman) Noble Prince, your secret|note of love has won my heart.
{714}{833}The castle of my body is yours,|by right of conquest.
{839}{966}Come, let your tongue dive|into the moat of my mouth,
{972}{1096}let your hands take possession|of the ramparts of my plumpies.
{1102}{1238}For I'm yours, and yours alone.
{1244}{1279}And I'm yours.
{1285}{1362}Urgh! Edmund!|I thought you your brother.
{1368}{1435}Uh, uh, uh, aaaagh!|(Falls to the ground)
{1441}{1526}(Dogs bark ferociously)
{3190}{3302}The Swiss are always cowards.|(Drums beat)
{3308}{3398}My Lord, good news.|The Swiss have invaded France.
{3451}{3567}Wessex, while they're away, take|10,000 troops and pillage Geneva.
{3573}{3628}But the Swiss are our allies.
{3634}{3740}Well, get them to dress up|as Germans, will you?
{3746}{3830}Remind me to send flowers|to the King of France,
{3836}{3867}in sympathy for his son.
{3873}{3928}- The one you had murdered?|- Yes.

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