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Podnapisi :: The Good Girl (4)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Good Girl v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 27.956 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 2

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Good Girl.txt

{1673}{1708}Justine: As a girl,|you see the world
{1711}{1762}like a giant candy store...
{1764}{1771}filled with sweet candy|and such.
{1771}{1834}filled with sweet candy|and such.
{1900}{1964}But one day you look around|and see a prison...
{1967}{2014}and you're on death row.
{2084}{2127}You want to run...
{2129}{2178}or scream...
{2180}{2236}or cry.
{2239}{2290}But something's|locking you up.
{2428}{2475}Are the other folks|cows chewing cud
{2478}{2547}till the hour come|when their heads roll?
{2664}{2732}Or are they just|keeping quiet like you?
{2839}{2890}Planning their escape.
{3079}{3115}On your left, honey.
{3117}{3154}What's that cashier's name?
{3157}{3191}Can't say.
{3193}{3242}When did he start|working here?
{3244}{3299}Don't know. Yesterday.
{3350}{3372}Who is he?
{3375}{3429}Don't know. Can't say.
{3431}{3471}What are you doing?
{3474}{3514}It's called work,|princess.
{3517}{3550}Kind of fun.
{3552}{3606}You might want to|give it a go some day.
{3609}{3655}Woman, Listles

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