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Podnapisi :: The Great Dictator(1940).HFDX

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{3831}{3896}At the end of the World War|Tomainia weakened.
{3904}{3992}Revolution had broken out,|her diplomats sued for peace
{3998}{4040}while Tomainia's army fought on,
{4053}{4155}confident its war machine|would smash the enemy's lines.
{4167}{4224}Big Bertha,|able to fire 100 miles,
{4234}{4286}was to make its appearance|on the Western Front,
{4294}{4349}and strike terror into the enemy.
{4362}{4466}75 miles away was her target:|The cathedral of Notre-Dame.
{4536}{4602}Range: 95,452.
{4675}{4708}Stand clear!
{5169}{5199}Stand by your trigger!
{5235}{5313}Range correction: 95,455.
{5405}{5424}Breach secured.
{5439}{5463}Stand clear.
{5469}{5508}Ready... Fire!
{5889}{5949}Defective shell. We'll examine it.
{6199}{6224}Check the fuse.
{6234}{6262}Yes, the fuse.
{7109}{7149}Look out! Run!
{7522}{7535}What's that?
{7546}{7581}- Air raid.|- After Big Bertha.
{7594}{7624}The anti-aircraft gun!
{7636}{7665}To the gun!
{8299}{8324}Have you gone crazy?


{1287}{1366}That Hynkel isn't such a bad fellow|after all.
{1373}{1403}Most amusing.
{1421}{1476}Get a Hynkel badge!|A Hynkel badge!
{1486}{1520}A fine photo on each!
{2686}{2723}- We'd better go home.|- Yeah.
{2757}{2785}Let's hurry.
{2792}{2809}Wait a minute.
{4053}{4078}What's that?
{4110}{4143}Turn off the radio.
{4298}{4329}The storm troopers!
{4733}{4772}- Bar that door!|- Get some water!
{4932}{5019}Get the women and children upstairs.|Lock all the doors.
{5092}{5151}You men, stay right here.
{5159}{5201}We've got to make a stand.
{5222}{5283}We might as well die|as live like this.
{5441}{5526}Wait a minute.|We have a social call to make here.
{5796}{5825}Wait a minute!
{5882}{5981}Schultz gave strict orders|not to molest anyone in this court.
{5991}{6024}These Jews attacked us.
{6034}{6051}I don't care.
{6061}{6097}Orders were to keep out.
{6152}{6186}You saw that!
{6193}{6247}I can't help it. Schultz's orders.
{6253}{6287}Let's get going.
{6734}{6799}Orders or no

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