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Podnapisi :: The House on Haunted Hill

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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House on haunted hill.txt

{12500}{14100}English subtitles conformed by|Lawrence Botley
{14181}{14261}October 11, 1931, Los Angeles.
{14269}{14398}A conflagration of biblical proportions|incinerates nearly everyone...
{14409}{14501} what was once LA's|most celebrated medical facility:
{14517}{14591}The Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute|For the Criminally Insane.
{14605}{14684}But the secret this inferno burned free|was far more frightening...
{14691}{14754}...than any picture|Hollywood could produce.
{14763}{14813}A sanitarium of slaughter...
{14825}{14888}...supervised by a surgeon gone mad:
{14893}{14977}Richard Benjamin Vannacutt.
{14993}{15057}Doctor Richard Benjamin Vannacutt.
{15062}{15100}Little known today...
{15104}{15198}...but likely the most prolific|mass murderer of this century.
{15204}{15245}He out-butchered Bundy.
{15251}{15293}He made Manson look meek.
{15297}{15366}And the site of his carnage|still exists today...
{15371}{15437}...restored almost to its original state.
{15443}{15528}But it has yet

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