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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Insider CD2.txt

{478}{567}-[Water Running]|- Please don't wash your hands|in the sink.
{568}{642}Where should I wash them?
{644}{703}Use the bathroom.
{704}{751}What's the difference?
{752}{799}That's for food.
{893}{940}[Turns Off Water]
{1122}{1196}Leave it on.|Just leave it on! Okay?
{2568}{2622}I don't think|I can do this.
{2771}{2826}I want to stand by|my husband.
{2828}{2884}I really do, Jeffrey,|but...
{2929}{2987}I don't think I can|do this anymore.
{3066}{3112}I am so sorry.
{3580}{3648}Can we talk about this|when I get back?
{3780}{3827}Yes, Jeffrey.
{5169}{5240}- [ Telafarro ] It's okay.|- [Man On P.A.: indistinct]
{5682}{5729}You've been served.
{6029}{6093}Now, what this one is is|a temporary restraining order,
{6095}{6178}a gag order,|issued by a Kentucky court.
{6180}{6242}Jeff Wigand,|Michael Moore.
{6244}{6290}Good to meet you,|Dr. Wigand.
{6292}{6340}Mike's our attorney general|down here.
{6341}{6395}I was just explaining to Jeff|they got a Kentucky court...

The Insider CD1.txt

{696}{754}[Engine Rewing]
{1859}{1932}##[Woman Vocalizing]
{3012}{3093}[ Men Shouting ]
{3095}{3161}[ Horn Honking ]
{3293}{3355}[ Honking Continues ]
{3413}{3512}- [Horns Honking]|- [People Clamoring]
{3514}{3593}- [Horn Honking]|- [Woman Shouting]
{3690}{3804}##[Vocalizing Continues]
{3956}{3997}[Men Chattering]
{4025}{4081}[Men Shouting]
{4894}{4972}[Man Speaking ln Arabic]
{5055}{5136}[ Men Conversing ln Arabic ]
{5582}{5633}- Coffee?|- Yeah, thank you.
{5686}{5757}How have you liked|your stay?
{5759}{5822}- What I've seen, I've liked.|- [ Speaks ln Arabic ]
{5932}{6007}Please to explain why|l should agree to interview...
{6009}{6070}with pro-Zionist|American media?
{6110}{6158}Because I think|Hezbollah...
{6159}{6270}is trying to broaden into|a political party right now,
{6271}{6335}so you care about what|you're thought of in America,
{6337}{6406}and in America|at this moment in time,
{6407}{6479}Hezbollah does not|have a face.
{6481}{6580}- That's why.|- Perhaps you approve|journal

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