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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Island v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 32.001 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Island.cd1.txt

{2776}{2826}You're special.
{2845}{2931}You have a very special|purpose in life.
{2988}{3037}You've been chosen.
{3296}{3356}The Island awaits you.
{4557}{4626}I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
{5300}{5346}Good morning, Tower One.
{5348}{5433}Exterior contamination index|is 85 percent.
{5436}{5486}Sunny and mild.
{5739}{5789}Hey, I'm missing a left shoe.
{5871}{5941}And when you get a chance,|I'd like another colour.
{6202}{6261}Morning.|Good morning.
{6452}{6529}Hey, Lincoln. How you doing?|I'm missing a shoe.
{6779}{6846}Hey, you're cutting.|Yeah.
{6876}{6926}Thank you.
{6941}{6991}We're full.
{7062}{7149}Good morning.|July 19th, 2019.
{7151}{7206}Another day in paradise.
{7539}{7591}Starkweather Two Delta...
{7594}{7625}...your time has come.
{7628}{7698}You're moving out to the Island.
{7700}{7747}Starkweather Two Delta here.
{7749}{7831}And, as you know, the biggest dream|of my life just came true.
{7833}{7897}I've only been with you guys|for, like, six months...

The Island.cd2.txt

{2}{24}Your purpose in life...
{25}{95} to populate the Island.|You're part of a new beginning.
{98}{188}You're special. Very special.|You've been chosen.
{191}{262}You've been chosen.|Chosen to survive, to carry on.
{264}{346}You want to go to the Island.
{436}{527}Go, go!|You have a very special purpose.
{618}{671}Very special.
{698}{745}He's gotta be in here.|I'm looking!
{747}{794}Check over here!
{797}{847}Watch your left!
{963}{1018}Go! Run!
{1021}{1071}He's over here!
{1223}{1274}There they are! Go!
{1606}{1679}Lincoln!|Come on! Get him!
{1708}{1770}Let s go. Move!|Come on!
{1828}{1856}Come on! Come on!
{1859}{1921}Damn! Go, go! Go!
{1923}{1973}Come on, let's go!
{2046}{2100}You still think there's an Island?
{2362}{2412}Come on!
{3008}{3065}Come on. Come on!
{3478}{3540}There's a door over here!
{5354}{5470}Lincoln Six Echo remains in quarantine|after contamination exposure.
{5473}{5600}Jordan Two Delta was safely transported|to her new home on

The Island.cd3.txt

{313}{382}Don't let me go, Lincoln!|I got you! I got you!
{385}{436}Don't let me go!|I got you!
{454}{535}I'm slipping!|Don't drop me, Lincoln!
{538}{617}Don't drop me!|I got you! I got you!
{692}{767}Lincoln! Pull me! Pull me!
{811}{861}Climb up!
{933}{998}If there's no way to get|our fugitives quietly...
{1000}{1055} need to take them out.
{1133}{1186}I see our targets about 70 stories up.
{1188}{1246}They're on top of the building logo.
{1329}{1380}Tough day.
{1386}{1421}Let's roll.
{1460}{1513}LAPD! Get away from the window!
{1618}{1653}Jay, you got him?
{1685}{1735}Right there! Right there!|Get him!
{1935}{2007}Stay there! Damn it!|Just stay down!
{2021}{2071}Come on!
{2145}{2209}Gonna swing around to get a shot.
{2355}{2405}He's coming back.
{2774}{2824}Oh, no.
{2891}{2950}Hang on!|They're coming off the building.
{3584}{3633}Look out!
{4000}{4035}Jesus must love you!
{4037}{4094}That was the craziest mess|I ever seen!
{4096}{4184}Come on, girl.|I know Jesus l

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