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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Jacket v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 21.392 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Jacket.cd1.txt

{1696}{1749}Target four. Wanna take the other truck?|Roger.
{1753}{1803}Move by the truck.
{1820}{1849}Move in right there.
{1887}{1943}Roger. He's wounded. Hit him.|Start hitting the truck.
{1947}{2019}Get the truck and him.|Go forward of it and hit him.
{2129}{2164}Go ahead and store that.
{2168}{2204}Another guy moving right through.
{2208}{2256}Good. Fire. Hit him.
{2822}{2854}Get down on the floor.
{2896}{2931}I said, down. Down.
{2936}{2975}You. Down. Now.
{3048}{3079}Let me see your hands.
{3099}{3139}Let me see your hands.
{3188}{3246}Get the hands over your head.|Over your head!
{3298}{3335}Get down.
{3424}{3455}On your knees.
{3460}{3499}There. Stay there.
{3574}{3620}Get your hands up.|Get your hands up.
{3698}{3728}Get down.
{3752}{3795}Shit, there's a kid in there.
{3819}{3871}That's not our problem.
{3875}{3906}None of this is our problem.
{3910}{3950}Get your hands in the air.
{4216}{4247}How's it going, little man?

The Jacket.cd2.txt

{5}{145}When she started getting suspicious of me|was when they stopped putting me in there.
{236}{284}What do you think I should do?
{307}{368}You could still give Becker an itch.
{380}{435}You might get killed|when he goes to scratch it...
{439}{513}...but seems to me, you're saying|that's about to happen anyway...
{536}{591}Oh, man.
{647}{697}Please continue, Mr. Mackenzie.
{903}{1007}Well, I've been approached|by the Federal Trade Organization.
{1067}{1135}And what have they approached you about,|Mr. Mackenzie?
{1160}{1220}And this is nuts, but...
{1224}{1323}...they have asked me to head up...
{1341}{1422}...the Organization for the Organized.
{1455}{1554}The Organization for the Organized?|Yeah, you've heard of them?
{1559}{1615}No, Mr. Mackenzie, I have not.
{1619}{1700}That's because there is|no such organization, you idiot.
{1709}{1771}That is categorically not true.
{1776}{1854}That is blatantly and manifestly not true.

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