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Podnapisi :: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 20.684 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.cd1.txt

{1549}{1580}Moorgate Passage.
{1796}{1847}Moorgate Passage.
{1910}{1936}I see it over there!
{2088}{2164}Bleeding rat-wags!|What's gotten into them?
{2358}{2429}What in God's name is that?
{2814}{2843}Come on!|Halt!
{2848}{2887}In the name of the law!
{2937}{3015}Halt!|How the hell do we stop this thing?
{3020}{3082}I said, halt!
{4178}{4241}Careful, mates. Careful.
{4376}{4409}There's men inside!
{5702}{5766}Bring the scientist with us.|Kill any who resist.
{5823}{5863}Do we have him?
{5881}{5940}Draper at your service, sir.
{5974}{6089}The world, Herr Draper.|I want the world.
{6246}{6315}Really?|That's so frightening.
{8278}{8350}Don't wander off.
{8741}{8805}Where's Quatermain?
{8832}{8898}That gentleman at the back.
{9169}{9268}Do I have the pleasure of addressing|Allan Quatermain?
{9293}{9388}Yes, you do, sir. Indeed you do.
{9392}{9458}You're not what I expected.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.cd2.txt

{561}{646}The collapse has reached the carnival.|Time's running out.
{651}{703}Tune the tracer to the car's frequency.
{707}{779}The rocket must be ready to launch.|Aye, aye, captain.
{1225}{1278}Come on, Sawyer, come on!
{1282}{1355}Captain, we must pull out!|No, we stay and do our job!
{1532}{1593}Remember the flare. I'm off!
{1620}{1692}What?|Don't forget, you're the target.
{2254}{2332}We'll be smashed apart!|Nemo says we stay, we stay.
{2532}{2593}He's overtaken the collapse!|Be ready to launch!
{3277}{3314}Bravo, boy.
{3901}{3950}He's done it.
{4508}{4576}Venice still stands.
{4724}{4773}You've failed.
{4919}{5003}You see yourself as the brave|John Bull.
{5062}{5119}But you're weak.
{5158}{5246}You run from the memory|of your son's death.
{5255}{5338}You should have trained him|a little better.
{5423}{5528}You may as well have put the gun to|his head and pulled the trigger yourself.
{5609}{5680}Oh, yes, I know all about you.
{5744}{5813}I know all ab

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 The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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