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Podnapisi :: The Messenger - The Story Of Joan Of Arc (1999)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Messenger - The Story Of Joan Of Arc (1999) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 34.057 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Joan Of Arc_CD2_EN.sub

{57}{116}You're gonna get killed!|Get out of here!
{345}{381}Come on, fight!
{464}{477}Go!|Come on, fight!
{656}{692}Bring the culverin!
{824}{860}Get out!
{968}{1028}I'm going up the side!
{1304}{1315}- Jeanne!|- Leave me alone!
{1376}{1412}Hurry!|Come on! Come on!
{2694}{2778}Hey, you just killed my woman!|Captain!
{2837}{2874}Go to hell.
{2982}{3018}Call the physician!|The physician!
{3030}{3065}Damn it!
{3126}{3137}Louis, find the physician.
{3198}{3210}We have to take out the arrow.
{3222}{3258}She'll bleed to death.
{3270}{3330}There must be something we can do|for her, for Christ's sakes.
{3342}{3426}- Yes. You can pray.|- Good idea.
{3486}{3570}I swear that I will|never swear again in my life...
{3581}{3617}if You save her life.
{3629}{3688}But I'm warning You,|if You let her die...
{3701}{3712}then You're the biggest--
{3845}{3905}- Don't swear.|- He heard me.
{4037}{4073}Why aren't you fighting?
{4085}{4097}You've been badly wounded.

Joan Of Arc_CD1_EN.sub

{540}{681}"Thou shalt not kill"
{813}{908}Joanne of Arc
{976}{1079}Henry V, King of England, and Charles VI, King of France |signs the treaty of Troyes.
{1080}{1191}It says that the Kingdom of France shall |belong to England upon the King's death.
{1192}{1262}But both kings die at equal months of interval.
{1263}{1349}Henry VI, being a baby, is the new king |of England and France.
{1350}{1433}Charles VII, Dauphin of France, | will not abandon his kingdom to a child,
{1434}{1488}nor to his tutor, the Duke of Bedford.
{1489}{1595}A bloody war breaks out, the English and |their allies, The Burgundy invade France.
{1654}{1702}Is anybody there?
{1858}{1942}I'm always happy to see you, but to|keep coming twice, three times a day--
{1954}{2014}- I need to confess.|- You already confessed this morning.
{2026}{2062}I need to confess again.
{2074}{2158}What terrible sin|have you committed since then...
{2170}{2206}that can't wait till tomorrow|to be forgiven?

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 The Messenger - The Story of Joan of Arc

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