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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Mission.cd1.txt

{889}{1011}The historical events represented in this story|are true and occurred around the borderlands...
{1012}{1075}...of Argentina, Paraguay & Brazil|in the year 1750.
{1357}{1505}Your Holiness, the little matter that brought me here|to the futher stage of your light to know is now settled.
{1518}{1672}And the lndians are once more free to be enslaved|by the Spanish and Portuguese settlers.
{1710}{1822}I don't think that's hitting|the right note. Begin again.
{1826}{1934}Your Holiness, I write to you|in this year of our Lord 1758...
{1938}{2079}...from the southern continent of the Americas,|from the town of Asuncion in the province La Plata...
{2083}{2184}...two weeks' march from|the great mission of San Miguel.
{2190}{2324}These missions have provided the refuge for the lndians|agains the worst depredations of the settlers...
{2328}{2404}...and have earned much resentment|because of it.
{2408}{2495}The noble souls of these lndians|incline towards music.
{2499}{2585}Indeed, many

The Mission.cd2.txt

{6126}{6178}Thank you.
{6261}{6406}Thank you, Lord, for our food|and all your other blessings. Amen.
{6553}{6609}Oh, good Lord.
{6660}{6733}Did you cook this?|Yes.
{6762}{6811}Did you put in all the chilies?
{6877}{6932}I'm afraid I did.
{6965}{7063}I'm sorry. I was trained|as a mercenary, not as a cook.
{7067}{7113}This is true.|It's dreadful.
{7141}{7206}But the bread is good.|It's not bad.
{7210}{7306}Father, I want to thank you|for having me here.
{7382}{7437}You should thank the Guarani.
{7746}{7800}Read this.
{7941}{8035}Though I have all faith|so that I could remove mountains...
{8039}{8113}...and have not love, I am nothing.
{8117}{8198}And though I bestow all my goods|to feed the poor...
{8203}{8277}...and though I give my body|to be burned...
{8281}{8389}...and have not love,|it profiteth me nothing.
{8394}{8495}Love suffereth long and is kind.
{8503}{8548}Love envieth not.
{8552}{8658}Love vaunteth not itself,|is n

The Mission.cd3.txt

{232}{307}They say they don't understand|what you mean.
{374}{479}They want you to speak more clearly.|What do you want them to do?
{494}{559}They must leave the mission.
{1298}{1372}They say the mission is their home.
{1386}{1440}They must learn to submit|to the will of God.
{1531}{1565}Tell them.
{2064}{2113}They say it was the will of God...
{2117}{2179}...that they left the jungle|and built the mission.
{2214}{2288}They don't understand|why God has changed his mind.
{2292}{2355}I cannot hope|to understand God's reasons.
{2523}{2588}He says, how does he know|you know God's will?
{2693}{2772}He thinks you speak not for God,|but for Portugal.
{2776}{2894}I do not personally speak for God,|but I speak for the church...
{2898}{2953}...which is God's instrument on earth.
{3294}{3400}He says, speak to the king of Portugal.|I have. He will not listen.
{3543}{3617}He said he is also a king.|He also will not listen.
{3963}{4042}He says they were wrong|ever to have trusted us.

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