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Podnapisi :: The Night of the Hunter

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Night of the Hunter v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 25.047 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Night of the Hunter (ENG) CD1.txt

{1}{380}Synchronized subtitles by ShooCat
{1250}{1402}Dream, little one, dream
{1426}{1578}Dream, my little one, dream
{1606}{1684}Oh, the hunter
{1684}{1763}In the night
{1762}{1872}Fills your childish heart
{1870}{1961}With fright
{1959}{2099}Fear is only a dream
{2138}{2258}So dream, little one
{2375}{2448}Now, you remember, children,|how I told you last Sunday...
{2447}{2534}about the good Lord going up into the|mountain and talking to the people...
{2533}{2632}and how He said, "Blessed are the pure|in heart, for they shall see God"...
{2631}{2720}and how He said that King Solomon|in all his glory...
{2719}{2791}was not as beautiful|as the lilies of the field?
{2790}{2882}And I know you won't forget,|"Judge not lest ye be judged"...
{2881}{2934}because I explained that to you.
{2934}{3025}And then the Good Lord|went on to say...
{3024}{3096}"Beware of false prophets...
{3096}{3167}which come to you|in sheep's clothing...
{3166}{3250}but inwardly|they are ravening wolv

The Night of the Hunter (ENG) CD2.txt

{2953}{3013}Once upon a time
{3014}{3096}There was a pretty fly
{3095}{3163}He had a pretty wif e
{3163}{3223}This pretty fly
{3243}{3377}But one day she flew away
{3374}{3474}Flew away
{3472}{3547}She had two pretty
{3615}{3668}But one night
{3669}{3792}These two pretty children
{3790}{3863}Flew away
{3946}{4040}Into the sky
{4038}{4184}Into the moon
{4548}{4624}"Dear Walt and Icey,|I bet you've been worried...
{4624}{4679}and gave us up for lost.
{4678}{4731}Took the kids down here with me|for a visit...
{4732}{4812}to my sister Elsie's farm.
{4811}{4887}Thought a little change of scenery|would do us all a world of good...
{4886}{4963}after so much trouble and heartache.
{4962}{5058}At least the kids will get|a-plenty of good home cookin'.
{5056}{5108}Your devoted Harry Powell."
{5109}{5162}Now, ain't you relieved, Walt?
{5162}{5218}Sure. But you was worried too, Mother.
{5218}{5286}Takin' off with never a word|of good-bye.
{5286}{5370}I got

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 The Night of the Hunter
 The night of the hunter

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