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Podnapisi :: The Others (5)

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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Others.txt

{454}{557}Now, children,|are you sitting comfortably?
{559}{631}Then l'll begin:
{632}{710}This story started|many thousands of years ago...
{711}{791}but it was all over|in just seven days,
{792}{839}All that long, long time ago...
{840}{891}none of the things|we can see now-
{892}{966}the sun, the moon,|the stars, the earth...
{967}{1057}the animals and plants-|not a single one existed.
{1059}{1106}Only God existed,
{1107}{1170}and so only He|could have created them.
{1171}{1210}And He did.
{4324}{4395}What a character he was:
{4396}{4449}l wonder|whatever became of him ?
{4451}{4508}Oh, l imagine|he's dead like all the rest:
{4509}{4572}|Ah, those were the days:
{4797}{4844}Mr Tuttle, your hair:
{5071}{5142}Goodmorning, ma'am:|We 've come about the--
{5143}{5227}Oh, yes, of course:
{5229}{5259}Come in:
{5298}{5349}l wasn't expecting you so soon
{5541}{5573}You are::: ?

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