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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The peacemaker v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.422 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Peacemaker - CD1 - Eng - 23,976fps - 1997.sub

{24894}{24938}What happened?
{24939}{25034}I don't know, Dr Kelly.|Please come with me, ma'am.
{25090}{25169}I've got estimates on|cloud size comin' through on six.
{25171}{25263}- What have we got?|- NORAD's got R4 over sector 9877.
{25264}{25338}It's been localised.|60 degrees longitude, 50 lat.
{25339}{25418}- What about NPIC?|- Blast 40 minutes ago in the Urals.
{25419}{25498}Two trains collided. One was|carrying warheads to Cherbynsk.
{25499}{25549}Nice hair. Very au naturel.
{25551}{25609}Nuclear forces have gone to DEFCON 3.
{25658}{25768}NMCC thinks Russia will use this to|veil troop movements into Chechnya and Georgia.
{25770}{25840}Not our problem.|Estimates from Livermore?
{25842}{25899}Five to seven hundred kilotons.
{25908}{25986}Mark Appleton's looking for you.|He's upstairs.
{25988}{26042}- All current data on my desk?|- Yes.
{26044}{26089}I'm gonna need a minute.
{26091}{26190}- Radiation pattern projections in?|- Yeah, but those aren't confirmed.
{26191}{26232}Confirm them.

The Peacemaker - CD2 - Eng - 23,976fps - 1997.sub

{436}{517}We only have them under|surveillance for another hour.
{519}{606}It doesn't matter what|the State Department says.
{608}{673}No, I understand, sir.
{678}{733}Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
{763}{815}- OK, go. You go.|- No, you go first.
{817}{883}I talked to the chairman|of the Joint Chiefs.
{884}{979}- Department's draggin' their feet.|- I was talking to the President.
{979}{1034}He says the Russians|have to manage it.
{1037}{1082}No, we have the advantage!
{1083}{1144}The Russians say|they are handling this.
{1146}{1237}The Russians couldn't find snow|in the middle of fuckin' winter.
{1239}{1316}When that satellite is out of range,|those nukes are gone.
{1415}{1486}It's only jet fuel.
{1528}{1597}- Get up into NATO.|- Good for you. Let's go. Rich?
{1599}{1658}No, wait. Wait, Colonel.
{1659}{1762}With Russia determined to handle this|take no action without authorisation.
{1765}{1830}Do you think I'm some|stupid son of a bitch?
{1833}{1880}No, I don't think you're stupid.

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