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Podnapisi :: The People Vs. Larry Flynt

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The People Vs. Larry Flynt v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 29.606 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The People Vs.Larry Flynt ENG.txt

{3384}{3495}- That's very good. Howw much is it?|- Twwo dollars.
{3795}{3900}There's one.|There's twwo.
{4767}{4865}It's locked.|He's in there again.
{4869}{5007}Pa!|What are you doing? Open the door!
{5011}{5120}You better not be doing|wwhat I think you're doing.
{5124}{5272}I make that for peddling,|not for you to drink.
{5442}{5576}Larry! Jimmy! Get over to the house!|Supper's ready!
{5822}{5920}- Why did you hit him?|- He wwas drinking my profits.
{5924}{6039}You can't be so ornery.|People wwill think you're crazy.
{6044}{6116}I'm trying to make an honest buck.
{7006}{7117}- Larry.|- I'll call you back, Mama.
{7122}{7274}Give a big, big hand|to llanis from Ottawwa, Tennessee.
{7382}{7499}Thank you. I knoww a lot of you|feel the wway I do.
{7504}{7632}We deliver the finest ladies|in southern Ohio.
{7656}{7777}And noww, please give|a wwarm, wwarm wwelcome -
{7781}{7966}- to Kimberly and Melissa|

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 The People vs. Larry Flynt
 The People vs. Larry Flynt

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