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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Pianist.sub

{3356}{3399}Mr. Szpilman?|Hello.
{3400}{3469}I came specially to meet you.|I love your playing.
{3470}{3575}Who are you?.|My name's Dorota.|I'm Jurek's sister.
{3576}{3646}You're bleeding!|It's nothing.
{3648}{3744}Come on, Dorota. You can|write him a fan letter later.|This isn't the best time.
{3746}{3811}Jurek, where have you|been hiding her?.
{3900}{3958}I don't|know what to take.|You always take too much.
{4016}{4068}How many suitcases|are you taking?
{4070}{4189}What do you think?|Should I take|Uncle Szymon's portrait?
{4191}{4260}Take it, don't take it.|Take what you like.
{4262}{4374}Can'tyou see I'm worried sick?.|Oh, he'll come home.|He'll be all right.
{4376}{4480}You have another case|just like this.|Mama, Wladek's home.
{4481}{4571}Oh, thank God!|Wladek--
{4572}{4644}You're wounded?|No, no, a little cut.|It's nothing.
{4646}{4709}I've been worried sick.|I told her not to worry.
{4711}{4794}You had your papers on you.|If you'd been hit by a bomb,|they'd know where to take you.

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