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Podnapisi :: The Rules of Attraction

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Rules of Attraction v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 33.189 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Rules Of Attraction CD1.sub

{457}{527}It's a story that might bore you,|but you don't have to listen,
{528}{600}because I always knew|it was going to be like that.
{602}{708}( techno music playing )
{708}{791}Woman: And it was, I think,|in that last year, or weekend--
{792}{855}really a Friday in December|at Camden--
{856}{915}and this was years ago,|when I was a different person
{916}{997}and I was so drunk that|I ended up losing my virginity.
{1109}{1194}I lost it to some guy who I thought|was a Ceramics major,
{1196}{1248}but was actually|either a NYU film student
{1249}{1308}who was just up to Camden|for the "End of the World,"
{1310}{1371}or a townie.
{1372}{1495}I actually had my eye|on someone else that night-- Victor.
{1496}{1547}I'm telling you,|with European girls,
{1548}{1583}it's just a numbers game.
{1584}{1672}If you stand in any major European|city on any fucking corner,
{1673}{1755}and consecutively ask every girl|that walks by if she'll fuck you,
{1756}{1800}one out of 20 will say "yes."

The Rules Of Attraction CD2.sub

{433}{493}Sean's voice: "Tonight's the night.|Tonight's the night.
{494}{548}Tonight's the night.|Tonight's the night.
{549}{581}Tonight's the night."
{581}{624}( inhales deeply )
{689}{736}So, tonight's the night?
{737}{792}- I'm going all the way.|- Who's the lucky boy?
{793}{852}- I'm not telling.|- You will if you want the room.
{853}{884}Okay, okay...
{909}{969}- Sean Bateman.|- He's a drug dealer.
{969}{1030}- He made me "zzshing"!|- "Zzshing"?
{1031}{1122}"Zzshing" like you just know|that you'll be with that person
{1123}{1168}and something amazing|will happen,
{1169}{1260}Iike he just fucking|fucks you right up the--
{1310}{1387}- No, I've never heard that.|- You will someday.
{1389}{1455}You know, you might be|afflicted with synesthesia.
{1485}{1529}It's a clinical disorder|which causes you
{1530}{1594}to hear what you see|and see what you hear--
{1595}{1643}an uncontrolled combination|of your senses.
{1645}{1691}You should really get that|

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