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Podnapisi :: The Score (12)

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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Score.CD1.sub

{1}{100}-= ***** =-|Created and Spell Checked by|HxHPRC
{101}{202}Thanks for ROROR!|HxHPRC: Enjoy your hours!
{5596}{5643}I wanna smoke.
{5708}{5754}I wanna smoke.
{5792}{5842}Fine. Smoke.
{5926}{5972}Smoke all night.
{7541}{7608}Be still.|Do not turn around.
{7610}{7654}Do not turn around.
{7656}{7702}You will not be hurt.
{15428}{15474}- Bonjour, Nick.|- Bonjour, madame.
{16730}{16785}Boss, hi.
{16787}{16857}- Jean-Claude.|- So, the trip was good?
{16902}{16944}- So, how are we doing?|- Great.
{16945}{17004}We have many reservations|for tonight.
{17005}{17054}Good. How many covers|did we have last night?
{17056}{17102}- Over 150.|- Good.
{17104}{17172}- Bar was steady.|- How was the music?
{17173}{17235}- Great band.|- Good. Good.
{17340}{17389}Scotch on the rocks, please,|little water.
{17391}{17437}Yeah, sure.
{17832}{17884}Monsieur Max.
{17886}{17950}Where-- Where Nicky?

The Score.CD2.sub

{4}{49}Make a list of everything|you want now...
{51}{128}and plan on spending the next|25 years of your life getting it.
{130}{199}Slowly, piece by piece.
{377}{413}I see what you're saying.
{449}{556}But still, I'm looking at you,|and you got all this already...
{557}{620}and you're sitting here with me,|working with a partner...
{622}{695}in the city where you live, on a job|that's gotten more complicated...
{697}{756}than you thought it was gonna be.
{757}{817}So I know you're still|taking a shot at something.
{959}{1012}I gotta go.
{1055}{1108}See ya tomorrow.
{1281}{1329}The maintenance crews|come in the tunnels by 6a.m.
{1330}{1377}I gotta be back in the hole by 5:30.
{1379}{1436}As soon as the guards leave,|you gotta tell me right away.
{1437}{1491}- You can't be late.|- I'm not worried about my end.
{1493}{1612}I'm wondering how you're gonna|break that safe in half an hour.
{1614}{1656}You know, I mean--
{2109}{2190}- Is that even possible?|- Just physics.
{2297}{2369}- How long is

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 The Score
 The Score (2001) (revised subs)

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