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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Terminal v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 37.574 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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CD 1.sub

{1062}{1184}United Airlines announcing|the arrival of Flight 9435 from Beiijing.
{1186}{1261}Customer service representative,|report to Gate C42.
{1501}{1626}All visitors to the US should|line up at booths one through 15.
{1628}{1747}Please have your l-94 forms filled out.
{1749}{1841}- What's the purpose of your visit?|- What is the purpose of your visit?
{1843}{1918}What is the purpose of your visit?|Business or pleasure?
{1920}{1956}Just visiting. Shopping?
{1958}{1982}Au plaisir.
{1984}{2033}- Pleasure.|- Business.
{2035}{2078}How long will you be staying?
{2110}{2154}Could I see your return ticket?
{2156}{2241}- What's the purpose of your visit?|- Business or pleasure?
{2243}{2315}Enjoy your stay. Next.
{2317}{2405}Please have your passports,|immigration forms, l-94,
{2407}{2496}and customs declarations|ready to hand to the inspector.
{2577}{2640}- Stand by. He's fishing.|- Copy that.
{2642}{2713}See this bunch|of Mickey Mouse sweatshirts?
{2714}{2784}That's the tour from China,|conne

CD 2.sub

{0}{61}"You can get so confused."
{100}{133}Well, hi.
{191}{240}- How are you?|- Good.
{287}{402}I am so sorry about what happened|last time, asking you out like that.
{404}{474}I'm so used to guys|trying to grab my ass at 30,000 feet
{476}{580}that when I meet somebody that doesn't,|I don't know how to react.
{582}{636}- Let's just start over.|- Yes, OK.
{638}{701}- Are you coming or going?|- I don't know. Both.
{702}{750}Tell me about it.
{794}{937}Yeah. I read a lot of history books.|They're long and cheap.
{939}{1014}Like 1200 pages for $9.99.|You can't beat that.
{1016}{1102}- But Napoleon?|- Yeah. He's one of my favorites.
{1127}{1187}- You know what saved Napoleon's life?|- No.
{1189}{1222}- His ego.|- Ego?
{1251}{1307}After he loses the Battle of Waterloo,
{1309}{1408}Napoleon isolates himself|on the tiny island of Saint Helena.
{1410}{1471}No one knows exactly|what happens next,

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