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Podnapisi :: The Thing

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film The Thing v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 16.059 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{386}{432}Come on, Blair.
{558}{628}- What about your shack, MacReady?|- I don't want him in my shack.
{630}{679}We'll lock him|in the toolshed.
{784}{828}Why am I in here?
{830}{931}For your own protection,|Blair... and ours.
{1221}{1270}How you doin', old boy?
{1353}{1431}I don't know who to trust.
{1433}{1523}I know what you mean, Blair.
{1525}{1600}Trust is a tough thing|to come by these days.
{1655}{1747}Tell you what? Why don't you just|trust in the Lord?
{1777}{1825}Watch Clark.
{1902}{1983}I said, "Watch Clark."
{1985}{2063}And watch him close,|do you hear me?
{2481}{2535}Now the radio's gone.
{2537}{2611}- So are the choppers.|- We're completely cut off.
{2613}{2700}All we can do now is hole up 'til|spring and wait for the rescue team.
{2702}{2807}No, we don't wait. Somebody in|this camp ain't what he appears.
{2809}{2891}Right now that may be one or two of us.|By spring it could be all of us.
{2893}{2975}So how do we know|who's human?
{2977}{3047}If I was an imi


{1}{1}25.000 DVDrip
{7581}{7637}Your move: bishop to knight four.
{7639}{7722}My move: knight to rook three.
{7724}{7827}Poor baby, you're startin'|to lose it, aren't ya?
{7948}{8006}Your move: king to rook one.
{8008}{8082}My move: rook to knight six.
{8084}{8172}Checkmate. Checkmate.
{8270}{8318}You cheatin' bitch.
{9836}{9900}Childs, what's he doin'?
{9902}{9956}Circlin' the camp.
{9958}{10004}Who is he?
{10006}{10087}- Said Norge or something on the side.|- That's Norwegian.
{13076}{13124}- George, are you okay?|- Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
{13126}{13179}Yeah. What's goin' on|down there?
{13720}{13766}Watch it!
{14354}{14416}Easy. Easy.
{14418}{14464}Easy. Yes.
{14754}{14805}First goddamn week|of winter.
{15061}{15174}Oh, come on. Four stitches.|Barely grazed ya.
{15176}{15246}What were they doing|flying that low,
{15248}{15355}- Shooting at a dog, at us?|- Hmm, stir-crazy,
{15357}{15414}cabin fever, who knows?
{15416}{15519}U.S. Number 31, calling McMurdo.|Come in, o

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