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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Weather Man.cd1.txt

{1831}{1866}That was refreshing.
{1923}{1961}I'm refreshed.
{2018}{2054}I'm refreshing.
{2521}{2561}Welcome back. I'm Bryant Gumbel.
{2563}{2605}And I'm Anne Howard.|Good stuff today.
{2607}{2669}We're going to be busy.|We've got pop superstar Elton John.
{2671}{2694}He's going to be with us.
{2697}{2743}And so, too,|will best-selling author Al Franken.
{2746}{2790}Along with some|super-smart fourth graders...
{2793}{2837}...with a great idea|for getting schoolbooks...
{2839}{2870} kids who really need them.
{2873}{2907}But here's an idea|whose time has come.
{2910}{2957}Why don't we just start with...
{3064}{3088}...and fill the tart shell.
{3090}{3177}Bryant, you put some ice cream|on our angel food cake...
{3179}{3249}How much do you want?|As much as you like.
{3710}{3781}What are you laughing about?|This is Baked Alaska.
{3784}{3843}This is supposed to be low-fat.|It is!
{3846}{3874}Did they call?
{3879}{3963}Someone from the show.|The Gumbel show. They didn't call?

The Weather Man.cd2.txt

{2}{74}I'm trying to take care of the family.|You come in here, looked in my face...
{75}{103}...and you lied to me, Dave.
{105}{172}Do you think I'm a moron? "They're out."
{214}{275}We both just think it's better|for the kids.
{294}{372}David, sacrifice is...
{457}{557}To get anything of value,|you have to sacrifice.
{560}{624}I know that, Dad. But I think|if we continue down this road...
{626}{666}'s going to be too detrimental|for the kids.
{669}{709}It's just too hard.
{712}{804}Do you know that the harder thing to do|and the right thing to do...
{821}{870}...are usually the same thing?
{893}{968}Nothing that has meaning is easy.
{980}{1042}Easy doesn't enter into grown-up life.
{1447}{1510}I'm not comfortable|with an 18-degree variance.
{1517}{1572}Why even forecast?|It's a technical art...
{1574}{1621}...not a science. People get that.
{1624}{1704}Let's narrow it down, Tim.|Dave, it's random.
{1715}{1750}We do our best.
{1757}{1808}A day can have that variance.

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