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Podnapisi :: To End All Wars

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film To End All Wars v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 24.169 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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To End All Wars CD1.sub

{1748}{1799}[Man Narrating]|How I miss Scotland...
{1801}{1881}and the sea... the sea.
{1882}{1964}There's nothing like it|in all the Earth...
{1966}{2039}the salt in your face,|the wind at your back...
{2041}{2098}and all the world before you.
{2099}{2197}And you're freer than a bird in the air|or a fish in the ocean.
{2198}{2265}To be free...
{2266}{2369}I reckon that's why I joined|the Second War to end all wars.
{2487}{2547}?? [Bagpipes, Drums]
{2606}{2709}I was at the university studying to be|a teacher when the call to arms occurred.
{2711}{2806}I was only too eager to put aside my studies|for the glory of action.
{2808}{2926}I stopped reading history|and became a part of it.
{2928}{3013}I joined the proud ranks of|the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders...
{3014}{3084}and became Captain Ernest Gordon.
{3126}{3225}My commanding officer was|Lieutenant Colonel Stuart McLean,
{3227}{3310}the finest commander|the 93rd Battalion ever had, ;
{3312}{3390}a man of deep loyalties|to his

To End All Wars CD2.sub

{70}{118}But loses his soul?
{248}{354}For what will a man give|in exchange for his soul?
{356}{403}- [Man] Baht?|- [Reardon] Baht.
{479}{525}[Shouting In Japanese]
{624}{685}You're making a terrible mistake.|I can get you anything you want.
{687}{739}American chocolate, whiskey, American cig...|How about a watch?
{741}{807}[Gordon Narrating]|The major imagined Reardon a threat.
{808}{868}To him, a man without|a sense of duty,
{869}{924}loyal to no one but himself,
{925}{986}- is already a traitor.|- Shit.
{2115}{2178}No, please. Please.
{2180}{2280}It's my school. It's my school!
{2464}{2551}[Gordon Narrating]|Major Campbell struck a deal with theJaps.
{2553}{2609}I was to be left alone.
{2611}{2693}In his mind, this was not|considered betrayal.
{2695}{2764}The school had delayed his plans.
{2766}{2866}Men were changing their minds.|And Dusty had been the catalyst.
{3732}{3790}This bo

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 To End All Wars

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