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Podnapisi :: To End All Wars

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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To End All Wars.sub

{1759}{1812}How I miss Scotland...
{1811}{1895}and the sea-- the sea.
{1893}{1978}There's nothing like it|in all the Earth--
{1976}{2053}the salt in your face,|the wind atyour back...
{2051}{2111}and all the world before you.
{2110}{2212}Andyou're freer than a bird in the air|or a fish in the ocean.
{2209}{2278}To be free--
{2277}{2383}I reckon that's why I joined|the Second War to end all wars.
{2617}{2725}I was at the university studying to be|a teacher when the call to arms occurred.
{2721}{2820}I was only too eager to put aside my studies|for the glory of action.
{2818}{2942}I stopped reading history|and became a part ofit.
{2939}{3027}I joined the proud ranks of|the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders...
{3025}{3097}and became Captain Ernest Gordon.
{3137}{3241}My commanding offiicer was|Lieutenant Colonel Stuart McLean,
{3238}{3324}the finest commander|the 93rd Battalion ever had;
{3323}{3405}a man ofdeep loyalties|to his country,
{3402}{3488}his duty and his men;
{3487}{3585}a loyalty that

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 To End All Wars

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