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Podnapisi :: Twelve Monkeys (1995)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Twelve Monkeys (1995) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 39.726 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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12 Monkeys CD1.sub

{3352}{3424}{y:i}Flight 784 for San Francisco|{y:i}is now ready for boarding at...
{3426}{3537}{y:i}Inmate number 87645...|{y:i}Cole, James.
{3916}{3997}- Jose, what's going on?|- Bad news, man.
{3999}{4091}- Volunteers?|- Yeah. And they said your name.
{4317}{4377}Maybe they'll give you|a pardon, man.
{4379}{4473}Yeah. That's why none of the volunteers|come back. They all get a pardon.
{4475}{4543}Some come back, i heard.
{4544}{4641}Please put me back!|Don't take me!
{4677}{4793}They got 'em up on the seventh floor.|They hide 'em up there.
{4795}{4844}They're all messed up in the head.
{4846}{4912}You don't know they're all messed up.|Nobody's seen 'em.
{4914}{4972}And maybe they're not messed up.|That's a rumour. Nobody knows that.
{4974}{5032}I don't believe that.
{5062}{5107}Good luck, man.
{5109}{5211}- Volunteer duty!|- I didn't volunteer.
{5213}{5277}You causing trouble again?
{5279}{5356}No, no trouble.
{5432}{5523}{y:i}These are the instructions|{y:i}for the first time

12 Monkeys CD2.sub

{29}{114}But we weren't into that kind of stuff.|It's counterproductive. We told him.
{116}{196}So he and 11 guys,|they split off...
{198}{250}and formed this underground army.
{284}{365}The Army of the Twelve Monkeys.|See?
{420}{477}They started planning|a "human hunt."
{479}{534}They bought stun guns,|nets and bear traps.
{536}{594}They were gonna go to Wall Street|and trap lawyers and bankers.
{596}{657}They didn't do it, of course.|They didn't do any of it.
{659}{747}Like always, Mr Big Shot|sold his friends out.
{749}{804}What does that mean?
{806}{876}He goes on TV and gives this big|news conference, tells the world...
{878}{950}he just realized his dad's experiments|are vital for humanity...
{952}{1021}and that the use of animals|is absolutely necessary...
{1023}{1142}that from now on, he, Jeffrey Goines,|will personally supervise the labs...
{1144}{1213}to make sure all the little animals|aren't going to suffer.
{1364}{1406}What is this?
{1601}{1685}People like that aren'

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