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Podnapisi :: Ultraviolet

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Ultraviolet v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 17.603 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 3

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{3760}{3841}Hello, my name is Violet...
{3845}{3993}...and I was born into a world|you may not understand.
{4213}{4260}Coming up. Holding airspeed.
{4264}{4319}Echo altitude.|Forward and lateral drift.
{4324}{4371}Numbers falling fast from here.
{4375}{4507}On my mark.|Three, two, one, mark.
{5060}{5119}Time lock engaged.
{5128}{5165}Valves, primary and secondary...
{5230}{5295}Compositive pressure reached.
{6527}{6566}Freeze!|It's a trap.
{6570}{6624}Stay where you are! Don't move!
{6764}{6819}The man's down. All clear, sir.
{6839}{6917}Touch nothing, obviously.
{6983}{7026}Do not leave the building.|Squadrons...
{7030}{7096}...initiate Area 14 procedures.
{7100}{7184}Hemophages.|No surprise.
{7252}{7298}Flat-space technology.
{7302}{7367}Dimension-compressing. Very rare.
{7378}{7441}It's odd.|What was their exit strategy?
{7456}{7513}How'd they expect to transport|the blood out of here?
{7517}{7595}Unless there was no exit strategy.|Then what's the poin


{3}{38}Damn it.
{156}{185}Give me your arm.
{295}{347}Give me your arm.
{372}{430}Now, you listen to me, Six,|or whatever your name is...
{434}{496}...I might not be able to get you|where I want to go...
{501}{538}...but I'll get your blood there.
{542}{591}Give me your arm before|I take the whole thing.
{633}{742}You think those people are bad?|Well, let me tell you something.
{746}{847}The real monster you don't want|knocking down your door is me.
{870}{921}If I scream...
{953}{1000}...we'll both be dead.
{1332}{1399}Daxus doesn't know|you can speak, does he?
{1481}{1524}What do you know|about what's going on?
{1605}{1658}There's a war going on|to the death...
{1662}{1708}...between humans|and Hemophages.
{1712}{1786}And, Six, you're a human.
{1826}{1875}And I'm a Hemophage.
{1934}{1969}Listen, do you remember I said...
{1973}{2038}...there was something in|your blood that could save my life?
{2043}{2115}Well, Daxus, he put something|into your blood.

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