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Podnapisi :: Underground (Synchronized for the 694MB - 585MB version!)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Underground (Synchronized for the 694MB - 585MB version!) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 30.092 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Underground 2.sub

{1355}{1397}Exactly my portrait.
{2137}{2204}Welcome at the wedding of my son.
{2208}{2236}Stop it!
{2284}{2348}The day has finally been reached.
{2352}{2422}Son, I bought you these golden rings.
{2426}{2472}Give one to the bride.
{2501}{2567}Forgive us the modesty
{2571}{2601}of the banquet.
{2605}{2664}What can we do about it? It's war after all.
{2668}{2705}But what we gave
{2709}{2750}came from the heart.
{2754}{2800}If it wasn't war,
{2804}{2876}if it were better times,
{2880}{2920}and if his mother still would be alive...
{2924}{2958}Keep it cheerful!
{2962}{2995}Thank you, old pal.
{3089}{3139}This is the moment where
{3143}{3184}we thank all together
{3191}{3237}comrade Marko
{3241}{3289}for all the past years
{3296}{3336}that he toke care of us,
{3340}{3414}and gave us a meal
{3418}{3468}and made sure we were healthy.
{3472}{3540}With all my heart I thank you, Marko.
{3578}{3639}Thank you, comrade Marko!
{3927}{3979}Be seated. Last month

Underground 1.sub

{468}{538}Dedicated to our fathers and their children
{542}{630}Once upon a time there was a land
{634}{704}which had as capital Belgrado.
{708}{767}April, 6th 1941
{1604}{1659}I'll kill them all, mate!
{2439}{2484}Watch out!
{2488}{2526}I'll kill them all!
{2530}{2570}It's to dangerous.
{2805}{2852}The vice-president talked
{2856}{2920}about tightening the relations
{2924}{2989}between the states of Yugoslavia...
{3221}{3285}That's my brother...
{3289}{3351}and his best friend, Blacky.
{3442}{3509}What can I do?
{3513}{3610}I don't have anyone else on the world.
{3903}{4002}Come over and have a cup of coffee.
{4009}{4059}I can't, I'm in a hurry!
{4074}{4108}My friend is tired!
{4112}{4145}I'm tired!
{4149}{4193}Tomorrow I'll take you out for lunch
{4197}{4232}in the Russian Czar!
{4888}{4918}Go back inside!
{4965}{5020}I'm a free man.

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