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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Unfaithful v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 18.748 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Unfaithful - Cd 2.sub

{97}{189}Hi, this is Paul Martel.|Leave a message after the beep.
{276}{333}You're supposed to be in bed.
{338}{425}-You're crying, Mom.|-Oh, honey.
{439}{555}Mommy's just a little sad, that's all.|Come on, l'll take you bed.
{561}{605}Let's get you into bed.
{611}{696}Don't be sad, Mom.|Dad will be home tomorrow.
{912}{978}His name is Paul Martel.
{1090}{1171}He lives at 433 Mercer Street,|Apartment 3.
{1198}{1262}She sees him during the day.
{1272}{1325}Usually goes around lunchtime.
{1346}{1425}Stays about two hours, maybe three.
{1730}{1784}They go to the movies?
{1790}{1876}They did that day.|Otherwise, they're in his place.
{3643}{3672}Pick up.
{4219}{4251}Hey, lady!
{4274}{4304}Forgot your keys.
{5376}{5436}Who is she? Who is she?
{5443}{5513}Calm down! What are you doing?
{5607}{5672}How many are there? Five, ten?
{5713}{5803}What am l, the Monday one?|Did l get my day wrong?
{5809}{5893}She's just a friend, okay?|Just a friend.

Unfaithful - Cd 1.sub

{2704}{2756}Pretty windy out.
{2997}{3109}-That better not be the violent one.|-lt's not, Mom.
{3205}{3252}Dad, look what l can do.
{3269}{3304}l've been practicing.
{3421}{3488}-Spectacular, kiddo.|-Cool.
{3553}{3604}You're inside out.
{3637}{3733}l knew that.|Doesn't work for you?
{3759}{3816}l can't believe you taught him that.
{3821}{3898}l didn't. He did it on his own.
{3923}{3992}-Charlie, did you brush your teeth?|-Yes.
{3997}{4048}-Charlie.|-l brushed them.
{4066}{4148}-Look at this, Con.|-Let's go. l'm serious.
{4153}{4226}You're driving me bonkers, Mom.
{4269}{4345}Remember when you said no|to buying Omnidell?
{4351}{4435}-Remember what the price was?|-One fifty.
{4457}{4500}Close. Sixty-one.
{4506}{4563}-l'll do it, Mom.|-No, l'll do it.
{4569}{4616}You know what it's going for now?
{4623}{4660}-Say 'E. '|-E.
{4673}{4787}-Guess, Con.|-Edward, l don't know, all right?
{4793}{4842}-Now rinse.|-Seventy-four.
{4848}{4890}Really rinse. And pee.
{4904}{4975}Seventy-four. Should ha

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 Unfaithful - L'amore infedele
 Unfaithful - L'amore infedele

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