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Podnapisi :: Uprising

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Uprising v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 39.446 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 5

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{3093}{3154}Such a boy.
{4683}{4771}Kazik, speak to me.
{4858}{4925}Let's get out of here.
{6140}{6177}No stinking Jews in my line.
{6182}{6264}The bread is for Poles|on the Aryan side, not Jews.
{6269}{6354}Go to your side! Go to the Ghetto!
{6359}{6439}Officer, I am a veteran|of the Polish armed services.
{6444}{6522}Then you're a fighter?
{7209}{7247}Mordechai Anielewicz?
{7252}{7323}You're wanted for work detail. Let's go.
{7328}{7374}Work detail? Where?
{7379}{7479}Who knows? What's the difference?|All Jews ordered to report.
{7484}{7522}How will I know what to wear?
{7527}{7615}Don't get smart. Put on a shirt.|Let's get moving.
{7620}{7716}This work detail. It wouldn't|by any chance be a German work detail?
{7721}{7777}- I warned you...|- Because I only work for my people.
{7782}{7840}Now, move!
{7844}{7915}You, a Jewish policeman,|are a traitor to your people.
{7920}{7983}For this alone, I should kill you.
{7988}{8092}But often I ask myself the following:|Can a moral ma


{75}{179}If you'd like to be my boyfriend,|that's all right with me.
{183}{254}I'll be on going on these missions,|and if I don't come back...
{259}{357}...l'd like somebody to know|that I didn't come back.
{555}{603}...this man died on the Aryan side.
{608}{673}I have orders to take him|to the Jewish cemetery.
{678}{714}What's in the box?
{719}{784}A Jew named lzzy.
{789}{848}Open it.
{863}{945}- The casket?|- Open it, now.
{952}{1022}All right, sir.
{1383}{1461}Get that away from here!
{1465}{1525}Yes, sir.
{1544}{1584}Good work, lzzy.
{1589}{1670}You were a good stinker.
{1835}{1878}Did Arie say anything?
{1883}{1964}He said there are more on the way.
{1978}{2094}But for now, fifty pistols and two rifles.
{2208}{2323}But now, I must attempt|an even more important mission:
{2379}{2451}So that the Fhrer will have|one more ghetto fighter to deal with.
{2456}{2540}"Attempt" is the right word.
{2767}{2808}My father a

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