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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Vacation v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 29.979 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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National Lampoon's Vacation CD1.sub

{728}{796}"I found out long ago"
{844}{948}"It's a long way down a Holiday Road"
{1274}{1323}"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick"
{1396}{1467}"Going to take a ride|to the West Coast, kids"
{1508}{1572}"Holiday Road!"
{1628}{1675}"Holiday Road!"
{1756}{1851}"Holiday Road!"
{1876}{1971}"Holiday Road!"
{2284}{2341}"I found out long ago"
{2404}{2508}"It's a long way down a Holiday Road"
{2516}{2580}"Holiday Road!"
{2641}{2705}"Holiday Road!"
{2764}{2827}"Holiday Road!"
{3725}{3789}Clark Griswold.|I'm trading my wife's old car in.
{3828}{3868}Say good-bye|to the old gas-guzzler, Russ!
{3920}{3959}It's pretty exciting, isn't it, Rusty?
{3969}{3986}What's that, Dad?
{3988}{4011}Picking up the new car!
{4056}{4084}You can't wait, can you?
{4116}{4133}Hi there, Ed!
{4139}{4167}Good to see you, Mr. Griswold!
{4169}{4200}How are you doing?|Rubin right?
{4249}{4273}Look at him. He can't wait.
{4280}{4315}So, did you bring your trade-in?
{4324}{4367}Yes, a guy just took it away|a cou

National Lampoon's Vacation CD2.sub

{0}{8}And three: I've got my credit cards.
{11}{60}And we've still got plenty of cash, okay?
{73}{135}No, we don't.|You gave $500 to Eddie.
{143}{232}And everything has cost twice|as much as you figured out.
{235}{289}Honey, there's nothing in that luggage|that can't be replaced.
{297}{337}Except for your diaphragm.
{349}{394}We can cash a check down the road.
{409}{446}Don't you trust me?
{463}{524}As long as you don't tie me|to the rear bumper.
{611}{638}That hurt.
{673}{714}Clark, I think we're lost.
{725}{753}We're not lost!
{757}{804}Ellen, please, let me do the driving.
{813}{907}I don't think you'll find|the Grand Canyon on this road.
{915}{978}Jesus, it's only the biggest|goddamn hole in the world!
{981}{1011}Clark, watch your language!
{1031}{1069}Make that the second largest.
{1081}{1148}Dad, I haven't seen a car for an hour!
{1152}{1212}Shut up, Audrey!|Dad knows where he's going.
{1215}{1230}Thank you.
{1247}{1270}You're lost!
{1317}{1358}Ma, I saw some detour signs!

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